Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 166 Release Date

After the long pursuit of the Ninja from Land of Haze, the target of Leaf Ninja has changed a bit. Omoi and his companions were left to fight an unusual pursuer that showed up for the Hashirama Cell. This paranoid guy murdered these Ninja but left Omoi alive. The Leaf Shinobi was busy with one of the Haze Ninja when Omoi interrupted them to warn about the greater threat. He was easily able to defeat multiple ninjas from the Cloud Village so he will also be trouble for Boruto and his team.

Boruto Episode 166 is set to release on September 20, 2020. In this episode, the Konoha team will have an intense match with the new enemy that showed up during this arc. Boruto and others will have a “Death Match” with the mysterious shinobi. Sarada will activate her Sharingan as well. We may get to know about the motives of this person in the coming episode as well.

We are already into the Kara Actuation Arc which means that this Shinobi is very likely to be connected with Kara. This is the organization that is going to be the next threat to the Konoha. Kawaki is also related to this organization. More members of this organization will also make their appearances soon. This is just the start though. Despite it being an anime-only content, this is considered canon work that relates the content from the manga. The actual manga content is expected to start from the episodes of next month.

The Hashirama cells are the main thing in this entire conflict. The team seven from Konoha was sent to protect this asset but they couldn’t keep the situation under control. Four Ninja were sent from the Land of Haze to steal this powerful tool. Two of them have already lost their lives to powerful forbidden Jutsu that kill the user in exchange for the sudden burst of Power. It is evident that these ninjas are being manipulated by someone and the Hashirama cell is stolen for far more evil intentions.

Hashirama Cells are artificially cultivated cells made from the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju’s DNA. These cells were seen to be used by individuals like Danzo and Obito to replace lost parts of their bodies. Yamato was one of the 60 kids that were implanted with Hashirama Cells and only he survived and was able to use the Kekkei Genkai of Wood. These Cells are very hard to control and many of the users get destroyed after the implantation. That is why it is one of the forbidden techniques to become stronger.

Kara may have known about the presence of this tool and they want to use it for their purpose. It is only one Shinobi against two Jonin from Konoha and three genins. However, considering the reputation of Kara, this guy is expected to be very strong. We can expect the Konoha ninja to struggle in this particular fight. There is a chance that this guy will get away with the Hashirama Cells after defeating everyone else in the way.