Burn the Witch: One Shot Manga Ended

Shueisha started a manga series at their Manga Plus site before the Burn the Witch anime feature film comes out early in October. This four-part manga based on the one-shot by Bleach’s writer Tite Kubo ended this week. Tite Kubo intended this series to be the spin-off of the Bleach Manga after it ended two years ago. Burn the Witch is adapted into an anime film that will be released on Crunchyroll as a three-episode series along with the Cinematic release.

It was also announced by Tite Kubo that he is planning the sequel to this one-shot. Burn the Witch Season 2 was teased on Kubo’s Twitter account right after the last chapter was released. There is no release date for the second season. Burn the Witch Anime Feature film is set to premiere in Japan on October 2, 2020.

This anime movie is rumored to base on the entire plot of the original spin-off written and Illustrated by Tite Kubo in 2018. He released this piece after the end of Bleach Manga. The spinoff manga was adapted by Studio Colorido and the movie is made under the direction of Tatsuro Kawano. To promote this film, Shueisha published the manga series in the Weekly Shonen Jump for the last four weeks again. This first season will be published on October 2, 2020, in a 260-page volume as well.

Burn the Witch Manga Recap

This manga is basically a similar type of set up as the popular manga Bleach. Tite even made similar character designs for the Burn the Witch. The story is in a place called Reverse London where Wizards and Witches exist. There is a west branch of Soul Society that gives protection against Dragons to the people of this city. Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole work for this organization to control the activity of Dragons in the country. These two are appointed to track a Dragon Clad called Balgo Parks.

Balgo Park was affected due to his friend from 10 years ago named Shelby. He turned out to be a Disguiser Dragon that was a powerful Dark Dragon. Due to Shelby, Balgo turned into a Dragon Clad and got targeted by Noel and Ninny. Even a death poster for Balgo was introduced but he was later acquitted due to his relation with Shelby and good for the fight against other powerful dragons. Noel and Ninny are now staying with Balgo and continue their life in the city until another Dragon appears. This is where the first season of the manga ends.

It was hinted that Balgo himself is someone strong. This may be due to the influence of Shelby or something in his own history. Balgo attracts other dragons and he can control strong ones as well. The character design of Balgo is inspired by Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. There are differences but he is expected to be the main character for this manga series. Tite Kubo is very eager to give this manga, its new sequel due to the popularity it gained. Season 2 is coming very soon.

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