Dr. Xeno’s Unexpected Secret Weapon Reveal

Dr. Stone manga introduced us to a new character, Dr. Xeno in its newest arc. This man is a former NASA engineer revived in the current time as well. Dr. Xeno has a good number of followers while his scientific advancements far exceed those done by Senku in the new world. Dr. Xeno has made some basic airplanes and working machines guns and sniper rifles. This time, when he is attacked by the Kingdom of Science, he hinted at us about a new invention that will be a game-changer in this battle.

Dr. Xeno has made a submarine. This is not a battle submarine but the forces of Dr. Xeno were able to sneak onto the Perseus without anyone noticing their advance. Dr. Xeno describes the submarines as a boat with a lid on top that can dive under the water for a few meters. This is presumably the trump card of Dr. Xeno in this battle.

Stanley came from the top to attack with his airplane and Senku along with went into the sky as well. While this air battle is going on, other strong forces of Dr. Xeno snuck onto the aircraft carrier and tries to take over the ship. However, this is when the Island warriors make their appearance for the first time. As you would remember, these guys were awfully strong even without the petrification device in their possession. This surprise attack was over quickly and it is mostly not working for Dr. Xeno. Mitsukaze was aware that with everyone’s attention on the sky, there will be an attack from below.

Chapter 166 for Dr. Stone is scheduled to come out on September 18, 2020. It will feature the further fights atop the aircraft carrier and probably the end of the air battle taking place over the skies. Senku had improved some Acetylene bombs to stall the engine of the other plane but they haven’t done their work yet. 

One more thing to note is that Dr. Xeno sent many of his strong fighters to the aircraft carrier which means his HQ is more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Just like the submarine of Dr. Xeno, the team of fighters along with Chrome is building a tunnel to the HQ of Dr. Xeno. Did Dr. Xeno make it easier for them to take over the entire operation? Dr. Xeno himself may have decided to come along with the other and the HQ is completely there for Chrome, Tsukasa, and others to take over. 

From the set up of fights right now, it looks like the Kingdom of Science is winning against Dr. Xeno due to their strategy. Senku and his forces still have their element of surprise. Dr. Xeno was expected to be smarter due to his advanced technology but it could also be because he had more time as compared to Senku. Despite having some brilliant inventions and great soldiers with him, he has been at a disadvantage since the very start. For now, it’s only a matter of time before Xeno is overpowered and taken over.

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