The God of High School Episode 12: Release Date and Preview

The God of High School anime has gotten rather exciting in the last few episodes as the first season comes close to the end. It is about the end of the GOH tournament. Jin Mori and his team qualified for the final round. However, what happened after the match of Jin Mori and Park Illpo, it is unlikely that the tournament can be resumed again.

In episode 11, Park Illpo had activated the nine tails fox spirit’s Charyeok. This is a spirit that descended from Heaven long ago and it is being called the key. Park Illpo was overpowering Jin Mori with this power. However, something even crazier was activated by Jin Mori. It felt like this was the power of some kind of God that was way more powerful than the fox spirit. Jin Mori won this match after that.

As Park Illpo was recovering, another disruption in the tournament happens. Another contest suddenly activated his charyeok outside of a match and started attacking everyone in sight. He gets to the room of Illpo while attacking the evil Jegal Taek. The teammates of Park Illpo get caught up in this fight and lose their limbs in the process. Now, Park Illpo is back in his nine tails form attacking Jael Tajik in a very intense manner. At the same time, Nox is not giving up on disrupting the tournament and attack with a large force descending from the sky.

The next episode of GOH, Episode 12 will release on 20 September 2020. This is a webtoon Korean Manhwa adapted by Crunchyroll for their original series. You can watch the newest episodes on Crunchyroll first.

Episode 11 was full of amazing fights but they are losing originality with every new episode. It feels like a parody anime at this point. Another bad thing about this anime is that it keeps introducing new characters without any prior appearance. It is as if they want us to know them from the original webtoon of the anime. That is rather unfortunate. Overall, the fights and music was spot on for the episode.

It is already stated by the organizers of the tournament that the GOH is now over. They want to focus on the massive army descending over the arena from the sky. Nox is not holding back in any way to stop the tournament from finishing. Jin Mori will soon join this battlefront if the GOH is truly over. This season will probably end after this final battle.

It is a flashy and action-filled anime but the script was lacking. Everything was rushed through the GOH tournament which was supposed to be a major event in the country. Also, it was unfortunate that the tournament didn’t even finish completely and we are going to the final battle of the season. The true motives of Nox are still unknown but they seem weak despite their amazing Chareyok techniques. What were your thoughts about this anime overall? What were the shortcomings that you noticed in the story? Let me know in the comments. 

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