Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 Spoilers: Mastered Ultra Instinct is Back!

It is confirmed that in the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku will be fighting Moro in his advanced ultra instinct form, formerly known as Mastered Ultra Instinct. It is the grey-haired form back to the story and Goku activated it after the sacrifice of Merus. This is the same form that Goku used to overpower Jiren to a certain extent. Ultra Instinct is not an easy power to master and mostly the angels are the only ones seen with complete control over it. But here it is again, Goku using it so smoothly!

There will be spoilers from the upcoming chapter in this article.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 is set to release on September 18, 2020, a few hours from now. It will feature the action-packed fight between Moro and Goku. This time, Goku will have more control over his attacks and he will dominate Moro in terms of speed and strength. The result of this fight pretty much ends the Galactic Prison Arc, unless Moro has a final Ace up his sleeve.

Many of us expect Goku to transcend to an even higher level but he still hasn’t fully released the potential of Ultra Instinct. He is very strong in this grey form, too strong actually but Moro also puts up a great fight. Moro also lost the copying power to the sealing technique used by Merus on the Wizard, unable to absorb more power, Moro is defeated. He is under a huge rock unable to move and at the mercy of Goku. It is up to Goku if he wants to keep Moro alive or not. Galactic Patrol has tried to kill Moro for a long time but they have failed. If Goku can do that job for them, and quickly, this arc will finally reach its end. If Moro springs up some way to escape, this may go on for longer.

Goku knows that Moro is not done despite having overpowered by his new form. As we know, Goku cannot sustain Mastered Ultra Instinct for long as well. Goku has some interesting conversations about Galactic Patrol with Jaco. Both Goku and Jaco are similar in their wish to save the Universe from destruction. Jaco is not as strong as Goku but he has the same will and determination. Goku fights for the Galactic Patrol after learning the resolve of Jaco. But I think he doesn’t plan on killing Moro like the Galactic Patrol wants to.

It is not clear what Goku will do with Moro at this point. If he decides to mess up his final advantage, then Moro can get back at him with his planet-eating power up. Moro lost a lot of power when Vegeta used the Spirit Fission to extract the absorbed energy from Moro. Later, Moro gained the upper hand with his copying technique but this seems like the end of the wizard. Goku may not kill Moro at the end but the fight is over at this point. Goku also came a long way when it comes to mastering the powers of Ultra Instinct. I wonder what is the next thing in store for us in the Dragon Ball Super.

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