Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2: Actual Release Date?

There is news about an upcoming second season for Kimetsu No Yaiba on 16 October but it is essentially the release date for the Mugen Train feature film. Kimetsu no Yaiba was one of the most popular anime series of 2019. That is why, as soon as it ended, the studio announced that the sequel to this anime will be released as a feature film rather than a full-time anime. This movie was the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Infinite Train.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 for anime is not under production as of yet. The new season may be announced after the cinematic release of the Mugen Train movie on October 16, 2020. If I had to speculate, it will not be released until late in 2021. The first season of Kimetsu no Yaiba can be streamed on multiple streaming sites on demand. Additionally, Crunchyroll will release the movie on its platform right after it is featured in the theatres.

Some people are referring to the movie as season 2 to the anime. The term is fair but the movie will be a lot shorter than a full-time anime. It only features the Mugen Train Saga from the Demon Slayer Manga. This movie was even teased in the final episodes of Season 1. After that, multiple cinematic trailers have emerged related to the movie. The actual season two for the anime is expected to come but it is not yet announced.

Mugen Train Movie

When Demon Slayer Season 1 ended, Tanjiro and his friends had completed their recovery training under a powerful Hashira. Right after that, the new assignment came when they were required to board the Infinity train. This train has grown a reputation of being nefarious for multiple disappearances. A Demon is attacking people and the demon slayer sent to this train before have all been silenced. The Flame Hashira is joining Tanjiro and others on the train and it seems a strong demon lurks in the shadows trying to kill them all.

This demon was spared when Muzan decided to get rid of all the lower of Twelve Kizuki. He was spared on the condition that he will have to kill a Hashira and Tanjiro to retain his position in the Twelve Kizuki. From the early looks on the movie, it seems that his power is to put people to sleep and show them dreams while killing them in the process. This is gonna be a test for the will of the demon slayer as well as their powers. The Fire Hashira will be a great help against this opponent.

Tanjiro has improved a lot since his last fight against a Twelve Kizuki member. He is required to perform an extraordinary role in the fight against Muzan from now onwards. Even though the lower members are strong, there are the six higher members that have considerably more power as compared to anything we have seen before. Muzan is the strongest of them all nonetheless and the ultimate opponent of Tanjiro in the end.

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