Dr. Stone Chapter 167: Release Date and Preview

When the tides suddenly changed for the Kingdom of Science after the sudden attack from the forces of Dr. Xeno on the Perseus, they got out of the tough position in no time. Dr. Xeno thought that he has a checkmate against the Kingdom of Science but he never saw his enemies coming. The people left on the Perseus were overwhelmed when they found out that the air battle is only a diversion and the submarine moving underneath the water is the real danger.

The person in the airplane flying over the sky is someone who looks like Stanley and the most dangerous, Stanley is there to take over the aircraft carrier. This could have meant victory for Dr. Xeno however Chrome and others had other plans. Tsukasa and others have made their way to Dr. Xeno and the advantage is lost. While his forces are out to take over Perseus, Tsukasa is holding his spear in the face of Dr. Xeno.

It was going to be the battle of Science vs Science but the forces are playing the major role. At the aircraft carrier, A few of Dr. Xeno’s forces were taken down before Stanley showed up and neutralize most of the resistance. At the HQ where Dr. Xeno is, Chrome and Co. are ready to take over and hold the boss hostage at this point. Its anyone’s game now. The Release Date for Dr. Stone Chapter 167 is September 27, 2020. You can read the latest manga on the MangaPlus Platform by Shueisha.

Senku’s strategy to use Acetylene to stall the engine of the opponent’s Airplane worked well. At the same time, it also stalled their plane. Still, the aircraft battle was great. I think the girl that was posing as Stanley in the plane is a younger sister. She had a really bad aim when it came to using a machine gun and probably got caught at this point. On the positive side of this, Senku and Ryusai have probably obtained a machine gun from the enemy. Even though Stanley took over the Perseus, all the major fighters are away from the ship.

The strategy of Chrome and Co. will be to use Dr. Xeno as the hostage. As we know, Stanley is very loyal to Dr. Xeno and his protection is the top priority. Learning that the main leader is already taken by the Enemy’s troops, they may leave their advantage taken over the Kingdom of Science and try and take their HQ back. We still don’t know what happened as Chrome and others made their way into the HQ but we can guess that it went well. Dr. Xeno had no idea that the strongest fighters of the Kingdom of Science are inside his territory and now the monstrous Tsukasa has his spear in his face. The main concern for the forces of Dr. Xeno should be the safety of their leader. It may be too late at this point. Let’s see how they react to this in the next chapter!

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