Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167 Release Date

Things got pretty dangerous for Boruto’s team who were supposed to be chasing after the Hashirama Cells. Turns out that a couple of strong ninjas appeared looking for the same Hashirama Cells. The ninja from Konoha happened to be there at the same time and overwhelmed with their unusual speed and strength. One of them is Deepa that appeared a few episodes ago to intercept the Konoha team. At that time, a team from Cloud village engaged Deepa in battle and two of them ended up getting killed. This was when it became clear that Deepa is pretty dangerous. However, Deepa was not the only one after the Hashirama Cells. A few ninjas from Land of Haze had fleed with the Hashirama Cells and the Konoha team was essentially chasing them.

These shinobi from Haze are constantly seen to resort to using Forbidden Jutsu that end up killing them in the process. There were four of them and after the events of the episode earlier, only one of them survived. I am sure they were manipulated to bring the Hashirama Cells at any cost but that doesn’t matter anymore. Deepa and his companion Victor were able to beat everyone and get away with the cells. Two of the Jonin from Konoha, Mugino, and Konahamaru could not even stand a chance against Victor. It was not mentioned in the anime yet but Deepa and Victor belong to the organization called Kara. As we are already into the Kara Actuation Arc, they will be back into the mix again.

Deepa and Victor got away with the Hashirama Cell and considering the power of this tool, they will create a huge problem for them in the coming future. For now, the Konoha team will return home after a potentially failed mission and look into sending teams after these two individuals. Boruto and Sarada did their best against Deepa but he was too strong. They were saved by the awfully powerful Sage mode of Mitsuki who took both of them to safety instead of fighting Deepa. This was because the Sage mode is very harmful to Mitsuki if it is kept on for long. Deepa also withdrew from the fight because it was not worth going after them as his mission was complete.

Boruto Episode 167 Release Date

The Release Date for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167 is September 27, 2020. The new episodes are usually available on Crunchyroll shortly after the Television Release.

Victor and Deepa

Despite a terrible loss against Deepa, Boruto and Sarada were saved by Mitsuki and brought back to Konoha for medical care. Deepa and Victor got away with the Hashirama Cell and they will use this tool for their ‘experiments’. Boruto and Sarada will be emotionally affected after they lost against Deepa so badly. Even the Sharingan and Rasengan was unable to do much. As a result, both of them will be training to get stronger for the next encounter with these ‘Kara’ members. This was all for this short arc. We will be getting to the more interesting stuff of the Kara Arc here on.

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