One Piece Episode 943: Luffy’s Rage on Queen

Two subplots are going on the story of One Piece anime. One is at the execution site of the Daimyo, Tonoyasu, who could not be saved because the straw hats could not make it in time to the site. The Straw Hats still had to disrupt because Otoko was also under danger. Zoro and Sanji both took it upon themselves to save Otoko and the entire force of Orochi attacked them all of a sudden. Zoro was very mad at Orochi after learning that the people of Ebisu Town are unable to show any emotion except smile due to the wrongdoing of the current Shogun Orochi. Then, Orochi tried to kill Otoko right after that, which got him a full-fledge attack from Zoro. If Kyushiro had not interrupted the attack, Orochi was going to be killed right here. Anyhow, the rest of the Straw hats also showed themselves as the secret was out already about their presence in the city.

The other place where a major battle is about to begin is the fort where Luffy is being kept, as a prisoner. At the end of the previous episode, One Piece revealed a major character who was affected by the SMILE devil fruit. Eustess Kid is one of the strongest captains who were captured by Kaido. His crew member, Killer was also one of the captives and he was given the SMILE devil fruit which got the worst of him out. The kid is upset that his best subordinate lost his sanity due to the devil fruit and as Luffy watches this, he gets upset at Queen to start the Sumo match again. He is mad at how things are done in this country and how Killer was mistreated.

Queen is one of the elites of the Beast Pirates. He is stronger than Jack and even at a higher level as compared to charlotte Katakuri. If these two go one-to-one and Luffy gets serious, it will take full strength from Luffy he wants to defeat Queen here.  At the same time, this fight is not important for the whole takeover plan. Luffy had rushed into things previously causing an utter defeat from Kaido. Even though he trained his Haki, Luffy should hold the rage until the actual plan is initiated. Luffy has to recover and when the whole battle starts, Luffy has to face the main boss, Kaido as the finale of this Arc. It’s too early to predict that fight but this current Queen vs Luffy is easy to predict. The lives of Killer and Kid are also on the stake as well, Luffy has to beat Queen here if he wants to save those two. The motivation is there to let the rage out and go all out on Queen but let’s see what Luffy does in the upcoming episode.

One Piece Episode 943 Release Date

The Release Date for One Piece Episode 943 is set on 27 September 2020. New Episodes are typically available on Crunchyroll in a short time after the TV release.

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