The God of High School Finale: What to Expect

As you know, The God of High School is going to air its final episode at the end of this week, at least for this season. The Release Date for GOH Episode 13 is 28 September 2020. This is one of the Crunchyroll originals and the episodes premiere directly on their website. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming finale of the season.

This will be a rushed ending for a very rushed anime and leave too many plot holes. You would think that so much stuff cannot be fitted in an anime of only 13 episodes but they did it. As a result, a lot of stuff was entirely skipped from the story. GOH was a tournament of power to bring the strongest people against each other to find the extraordinary fighters. But before the tournament could get interesting, a lot of interference came from a mysterious organization called Nox which turned it into a conflict between very powerful individuals.

Teak is a powerful participant in the Tournament who is known for his violence and greed for power. As we saw, he made sure to leave his opponents with a considerable amount of damage while overpowering them with his unusual Charyeok. He showed the true potential of his power in the latest episode of GOH where the monsters inside him came out with their full power. There is a key that came out of Park Illpo which granted Jegal even more power and he has now transcended into a godly form ready to destroy everyone that comes in his way.

Jeon of the Six

Moments before this, a huge battle took place between The Six and the main leader of Nox. Among the Six, a strong old man made his appearance against Nox leader. He was too strong in reality. There was a huge Arsenal of nuclear weapons launched towards Korea to destroy the entire conflict of Charyeok users as it was getting out of hand at this point. The Nox leader had summoned a lot of minions and God himself to destroy everything in existence. This is when “Jeon of The Six” showed up. He destroyed all these threats instantly, teleported every single person in the country to another place, and died in the process.

All the members of The Six are awfully strong but they have been through very intense battles. Taek is threatening to destroy everything now and there is essentially no one to stop him. No one but Jin Mori. The thing to look forward is the power of Jin Mori that was foreshadowed in the fight against Illpo in Episode 11. From the brief look at his Charyeok, we know that Jin Mori possesses a godly power that is not seen in the anime yet. It will be revealed in the final battle coming up. So, GOH will be wrapped up and we can expect a new season in the coming year. I would say that rushing a story like this was not optimal. This could have been a lot more interesting if fewer subplots were going on at the same time. Also, the fights would have been much more enjoyable if we knew the background behind them.

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