ASUR Season 2 Release Date – Season 1 Review and Why is it Must Watch

Asur as its name suggests A-SUR, which means demon is based on genre violence. This web series is produced by Tanveer Bookwala of Ding Entertainment Voot, which is an Indian Hindi-language. The protagonist is Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti. The series is set in today’s times and revolves around serial killings through Arshad Warsi made his web debut in this series.

It was launched on 2 March 2020. Initially, it earned fame but not that much it was expected to. One of the main reasons could be that VOOT has its own name but it lags behind when it comes as a rival of Amazon Prime and Netflix which doesn’t require to mention that its TRP level is far beyond.

What Is the Story About?

Asur is a story of a child who turns into men (fighting his inner demons and troubled childhood in the garb of myth, dharma, and religion. It leads to an excuse to position himself as a mythical figure in the modern era and to be a mastermind behind a series of killings in India in the name of social justice for this own satisfaction.)

Nikhil Nair, puts the heart at investigation but is forced to stick to an academic role to fulfill his familial priorities who is a former forensic officer-turned-teacher at the FBI HQ, has his (He’s requested to return to the CBI’s forensic team, an offer he initially denies and later takes up, at the behest of his wife. The very first is the murder of Sandhya case, the wife of his boss Dr. Dhananjay Rajpoot aka DJ, with whom he has a troubling equation with a lot of unsolved mysteries and he tackles.) What follows is a cat and rat chase that has deeper links to his past which DJ’S wanted it to remain hidden.

Asur review

What makes it different from other Hindi web series is the way of dealing with Hindu Mythology with building up constant interest in the whole series. As you think mysteries of the plot are getting unfolded to you, but wait there you’re mistaken, it takes some other twist and turns.

The ending of the Asur is based on the estimation that the killer was caught which still remains a mystery. The important part of the series which takes our eye’s on is( it shows the killer as an interesting character who is what he is because of his father’s cruelty and strictness towards him and his sense of justice that is hugely biased due to his religious beliefs.)

this web series serves interconnected forensic science with mythology is simply brilliant as the way writer Gaurav Shukla has written, according to many reviews. Its appeal definitely shows a dark side of mythology.

A glimpse of Hindu Mythology from ASUR

(Dhananjay gets suspended for no valid cause and Nikhil blames Dhanjanay for his daughter’s death blaming Dhanajay’s earlier mistakes had caused him to lose his kid.) We may expect a new season too as a sequel which is still getting promoted.

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