Below Deck Season 8 Trailer First Impressions, Featuring Cast, and More

Below Deck: Season 8 marks the first time the series will be cruising around the Caribbean since Season 5. “It’s been years since I’ve been in the Caribbean, and I’ve missed the hell out of it. White sandy beaches, crystal blue water,” Captain Lee Rosbach shares in the above trailer for the new season. “It’s like putting on your favorite pair of blue jeans. It’s like going home again.”

Captain Lee won’t be the only Below Deck OG on the yacht this season. Eddie Lucas, who appeared as part of the deck team in Seasons 1 through 3, will be back to serve as bosun. He’ll be leading a team that also includes deckhands James Hough and Shane Coopersmith.

But there is a whole lot of new in store for the Below Deck crew in Season 8, including a new chief stew following Kate Chastain’s decision to depart Below Deck after six seasons. Francesca Rubi will keep things in ship shape in the interior with stews Elizabeth Frankini and Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters.

We’ll also see a new face in the galley. Rachel Hargrove will serve as a chef on the yacht.

This season was filmed as concerns over coronavirus (COVID-19) began to emerge worldwide, and the trailer previews how the crew will react to the situation. “F–king world’s going to hell in a  handbasket,” Captain Lee says in the clip.

But this season will be chock-full of all the fun and drama we know and love on Below Deck, including deckhands, flirting among the crew, and misbehaving charter guests.

Captain Lee would like to take this time to remind us all: “There’s no crying in yachting.”

The Trailer says a Lot.

Below Deck is officially back this fall, and they’re bringing some fresh faces along as the yacht sails to the Caribbean. The reality series introduces a whole new cast for Season 8, who we got to meet in the full trailer for the upcoming season today, which introduces us to the new crew and previews plenty of drama in store. What below deck is all about?

Below Deck: Kate Chastain’s replacement revealed in explosive season 8 trailer as Eddie Lucas returns

Bravo gave us a little more info about the new additions, sharing that Francesca is “a perfectionist who runs a tight ship,” while Rachel is “a seasoned five-star Michelin chef” who “keeps her galley in order and takes no prisoners.” When it comes to the new Stews, Elizabeth, who has been yachting for about four years, is an astrology follower who “finds herself surrounded by bad energy” this season. Izzy, the other Stew, knows her boats, but “sometimes her lack of confidence gets in the way.” One of the deckhands, James, is a “big flirt” who tries to do the “bare minimum of work necessary.” In contrast, deckhand Shane is described as “a California surfer turned environmentalist” who’s ready to get into yachting.

Today’s Below Deck preview dives right into the Season 8 drama, showing a budding romance between Elizabeth and James. “We definitely have to get to know each other better,” he tells her, while Elizabeth confesses in an interview, “He’s a bit of a trouble maker. I kind of like that.” But not everyone is coupling up on the boat. “My vibrator is my best friend,” Izzy confesses.

As every Below Deck fan knows, hookups are a standard part of the show. But they also know that it’s not every season that a global pandemic is featured on the series. The coronavirus plays a major role in Season 8, which was wrapped up early in March to keep the cast and crew safe. Captain Lee says what we were all thinking at the start of the pandemic — and probably still are. “The whole fucking world is going to fucking hell in a handbasket,” he says

 Release Date of Season 8

All the fans of this show, their wait comes to an end as the new season of Below Deck is premiering on Monday, November 2

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