Crackdown on Voot: Review and Season 2 Expectations

From the starting of 2020 Voot Select has gained a lot of attention with ASUR and many more. This time it’s gonna be huge with its reveals of the sixth original series Crackdown that began streaming from September 23 boasts of a fantastic ensemble cast like Saqib Saleem, Waluscha De Sousa, Rajesh Tailang, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Iqbal Khan, Ankur Bhatia directed by Apoorva Lakhia.

Here’s the trailer:

Story Spoilers:  Who is the bigger enemy – terrorists or office politics?

Crackdown, 8 parts, a half-hour each, is about two threats. One deals with sleeper cells attempting to blood-clot in Delhi and Pakistan’s terrorists. They take the help of Divya (Shriya Pilgaonkar) who is an Indian resembling a Pakistani terrorist to help bring down this threat. RP and Divya as protagonists get applause (but to the credit of the show, it never gets cloying. When RP puts up Divya at his house, he conveniently walks bare-chested, with sunken abs looking for a shirt) which is getting just to get the audience’s attention. Divya focuses on him, but concern,  but not with lust, (there are lash marks on his back that she fixates on. This could have easily been a moment milked with frothy, unbearable but perhaps viable romance but) wait there’s nothing like that, it is still clean chit.

Crackdown: First look of  the Poster

(The other threat is internal, with RAW’s Deputy Chief Zoravar (Iqbal Khan) being done by RP and his posse of ‘papiyon’ vying for the Chief position, and suspicious of anything covert). Zoravar is introduced as an adulterer, abuser, and rapist is an odd character because he (seems by the end of the show he is absolved of any bad-ness by just figuring out) all the ups and downs of the threat.

(An adequately ab-ed over-solemn Saqib Saleem plays RP (Riyaz Pathan), but this name reveals its religion as Muslim which has been axed by making it RP, rendering it agnostic, who covert operations, reporting directly to the Chief, a man named Ashwini (Rajesh Tailang) a RAW agent.) Names play a very important role here, they signal both the biases of our society and how we get around it.

Overall Review

(I wish the meticulous efforts in top-shots and panoramic views were given to the grainy details) as the internal coherence of the story is lacking.. You will often ask unnecessary things that could be entirely avoided but why aren’t they. (This seems to be a Voot Select trademark which they are consistently making watchable shows which unroll at a breakneck speed; they never feel more indulgent than they need to be- the training montage,) hair arrangement as a moment of transformation, none of these scenes linger and I liked that. But the management of the show seems to fall apart if as a viewer, you ask trying questions, (this is quite an unexceptional show. There are also broad stroked characterization, if you have a Muslim terrorist, they will bring up the 72 hoors of Jannat within a moment of meeting.) Adaabs and bomb-blasts make us feel apologetic.

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