Ghost 2: Trailer, Release Date, and Returning Characters

After the success of its first season, which has been repeated on BBC1, Ghosts is coming back for a second series with a new thrill.

BBC One sitcom Ghosts is returning for a second dip having Mike and Alison as a young couple continues to cope with the challenge of refurbishing a grand old mansion infested with ghosts.

the comedy troupe behind Horrible Histories and Yonderland includes with this loved series comes courtesy of, delivering some charming gags and characters that are fun for the whole family.

Series two sees Alison exhibit greater control over her ability to see the dead, as she has many attempts to ace the juggling act of keeping each of her distinct ghouls happy.

Hold tight and expect to see plenty more of prudish Lady Fanny Button, failed poet Thomas Thorne, adorable Georgian noblewoman Kitty, and the rest of the undead gang, as secrets from their past finally come to light.

Trailer for Ghosts series 2

Talking about it……… The first-look trailer was released on 12th September Saturday, and shows more haunted hilarity as Alison and Mike fend off ghost hunters, get into more slapstick scrapes, and generally try to keep their extra house guests secret but shhhh:>

In other words, it sounds like business as usual – and we cant wait to see it unfold, go check yourself:

What’re Ghosts about?

The series features the young couple as Alison and Mike warring against a collection of ghosts from various periods in history for the right to occupy country pile Button Hall.

“Cash-strapped Alison and Mike thinking their dreams have come true when they inherit a grand country house, unaware of it’s falling apart and teeming with the ghosts of former inhabitants,”

“The ghosts may act immediately plans to turn the house into a hotel to prevent the new owners’. After numerous attempts they failed miserably to haunt them away, Julian summons all of his telekinetic powers to push Alison out of a window.

“After getting back into their old life/death, the ghosts can’t believe it when the ‘living’ return. Mike has financially shackled them to the mansion, and Alison can now see the ghosts.”

“Alison and Mike are trying to find the ghostly housemates of Button House semi-harmonious routine ”, In the second season.” The ghosts have tricked to make their new situation work for them, while the couple is working toward a new money-making venture to fund their perpetual renovations.”

Recap of Ghosts season one events?

The first series of Ghosts came up with six episodes, much to the dismay of its ghostly inhabitants with Alison and Mike receiving an offer from a luxury hotel chain in its finale. They excitedly agree to sell the property but withdraws the offer upon discovering a plague pit in the basement of the hotel chain.

The bombshell ending makes room for round 2 and kept the audience waiting.

Ghosts season 2: Checkout Yourself

With cast’s word

The Ghosts cast had words: “We were thrilled with how much appreciation series one was received and can’t wait to creak open the doors of Button House again and share another clutch of ghost stories.”

With its creators quoting, Series 2 was officially confirmed last year, “We are DEAD excited to be returning to BBC1 for a second series of Ghosts”, they added, “We could wait to get haunting Button House once again after seeing a more enthusiastic response to the show”

Release Date

Ghosts series two will begin on Monday 21st September at 8.30 pm on BBC One and will be available on BBC iPlayer as a box set from that date too

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