All You Need To Know About Samira Game: League of Legends

Riot presents Samira as a new attack and damage carry for the bot lane, but that might not be the only place we will see “Samira”.

With the mobility and assassination potential of Samira, it is likely that we can expect her in a solo lane as well or she might even end up being more viable in either the mid or top lane since she has a kit that allows her to jump in and make quick trades similar. She is also attacked damage more than defense based champion, which could make up for a good counter pick against certain compositions.

Her short-range and melee heavy kit might prove as an obstacle in certain matchups but Samira could still be feasible in the bot lane,. If she is played bot, it is likely that she will be an early to mid-game focused bot liner who will need to get a lead early on to support her aggressiveness tendencies more. As of now, she doesn’t look like a late-game hyper carry unless she manages to snowball early gameplay.

Samira is expected to hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon, followed up by her official release dated as ” 21 September”.

The game at a Glance

The official Samira trailer reveals how she is a gun-wielding marksman with an intention to eliminate anyone that gets in her way.

You can check out the link below:


Samira uses guns and a sword in League of Legends as a Desert Rose shooter with an eye patch, and you can find a rundown of each of her abilities down below:

Q – Flair

  • Samira fires a shot at her enemies straight when at range with her guns. Enemies in melee range will instead be damaged by a slash of her sword too.

W – Blade Whirl

  • With her sword, Samira slashes the area around her, damaging enemies in the vicinity twice and destroying any enemy missiles in the area at the cast and that enter the area after the fact.

E – Wild Rush

  • Takedowns of enemy champions reset Wild Rush’s cooldown, Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, dealing magic damage to any enemies passed through and gaining bonus attack speed for a duration.


  • Wildly attacking any enemies, Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, around her 10 times over a duration. Each shot deals physical damage applies to lifestyle, and can critically strike.
  • Samira can only cast Inferno Trigger if her current Style grade is at “S” which is the max grade.


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