WandaVision Release Date Out? Trailer Breakdown

Are you seriously a marvel fan, then this is for you. Just wait. Resisting back to back cancelation of Daredevil, the slightly more ceremonious cancelation of, and the inexcusable cancelation and Jessica Jones and the rest of the Marvel Netflix lined up for long, there will still be plenty of Marvel TV coming your way. Indeed, like a HYDRA, cut off one Marvel TV show and many more shall take its place. Leading to the case, one with two lead protagonists.

The first batch of a marvel TV show on the upcoming Disney+ to get uploaded streaming service will include a series following the unlikely pairing of an android and a mutant magic-user/probability manipulator, renowned with the title of WandaVision with vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Trailer Out Now

Coming to reality, it is a little bit strange in the first trailer for Disney+ series WandaVision which is packed with story clues, Easter eggs, and references to Marvel Comics. Casting Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, WandaVision reveals a strange sitcom world where Vision is somehow alive again and living a life of married bliss with Wanda. As the trailer makes crystal clear, however, all is not right with this world.

WandaVision was originally going to be one of multiple Marvel TV series but filming and release delays due to the coronavirus pandemic mean that – if the rumors of Black Widow being pushed back again in the queue are true –  WandaVision may be the only release from Marvel studio in 2020. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to wait for long and more adventures since Spider-Man: Far From Home released last year, and it will be particularly exciting to see Scarlet Witch and Vision given a vital role on which story revolves after been relegated to ensemble team-up movies till now.

Overview of Trailer

The trailer opens with the newly-married, living life to the fullest, neither-of-them-dead couple arriving in the picturesque suburban town of Westview. It happens to make you feel that this black-and-white 1950s sitcom aesthetic is what WandaVision will open with before color (black and white) start bleeding through. It makes the audience bind with that Wanda has such an intimate knowledge of American sitcoms. Perhaps she used to watch them in her childhood days in Sokovia, or maybe she did some binge-watching when she was on house arrest in the Avengers compound during Captain America: Civil War, it is all connected with past marvel movies.


Release Date

Hold your breath down!!

WandaVision will probably drop during the last week of December, just before the new year on Disney+, and will consist of six episodes that were originally set to be released in early 2021.

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