‘Enola Holmes’ is Now Available on Netflix

Sherlock Holmes is the most popular detective personality of all time. He is based in the early 20th century England, solving crimes with his impressive intuition and superhuman intelligence. For Enola Homles, Sherlock was played by the much handsome, Henry Cavill, who was honestly too good looking for this role. But, more importantly, Elona Holmes was about the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock was played as a side character. Millie Bobbie Brown played the role of Elona, the sixteen-year-old sister who has the wit matching the famous Sherlock Holmes. However, she is reckless and inexperienced with the outside world as she spends most of her time with her mother.

Enola Holmes was initially released on September 23, 2020. There was no cinematic premiere because of the pandemic going on in the world. However, the movie is available for the audience of Netflix for streaming online.

Enola Holmes is not an original character and was not present in the novels featuring Sherlock written by Sir Arther Coyle. Despite being a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes has existed for more than a century. There have been many writings based on him over the years. Enola Holmes is taken from the series of novels called “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” written by Nancy Springer. The screenplay for this movie was written by Jack Thorne based on the novel.

Enola Holmes is the youngest child in the Holmes Household. Her mother Eudoria has taken care of her since childhood while her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft were away for most of her life. Her life changes when her mother suddenly leaves the house leaving her alone at home. This is when her brothers arrive to take care of her. Enola was always studying books, training to fight, and learning mind games with her mother. She is intelligent, insightful, and full of energy. But her brothers see it as a disgrace and want her to behave like a proper lady. This is why she decides to leave the house and look for her mother herself.

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This movie was made with the trademark “Sherlock holmes” plot in mind that was mixed with the typical struggles of a teenage girl of that era. Moreover, Elona is not the usual girl. She inherited the same wit as her brother, the famous Sherlock Holmes, and her mother trained her to be a fighter. It was a struggle when her mother decided to leave and she was left in the care of her brothers. The more strict was Mycroft Holmes who wanted Elona to look and behave like a proper lady. But Sherlock positively helped her and she was able to learn the ways of life on her own.

Enola Holmes is a great story overall. You may not like how Enola and her brothers were depicted in this movie but this is how it used to be in the 1900s society. The actress Millie Brown did a phenomenal job in depicting Enola as the witty sister of Sherlock Holmes. Stay tuned for a full review of the movie on our site as well.

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