Laxmi Bomb Coming This Festive Season – Will It Be a Diwali Bomb?

Laxmi Bomb is an upcoming remake of the Tamil movie Muni 2: based on genre hor-com which is a horror comedy film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence in his Hindi directorial debut Kanchana in Indian Hindi-language with featuring stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani where Akshay Kumar plays the role of a transgender person which is a new role to Akshay.

Starring Cast

The cast mainly includes Akshay Kumar as Raghav, Kiara Advani, Tusshar Kapoor,  and Sharad Kelkar.

Laxmi Bomb-Will it be a Diwali Bomb!!
First Look of Laxmi Look

Story Plotting Explained

When Laxmi was alive she was an honest, dedicated, and tough session (court judge and gets murdered by goons because of her crackdown on a notorious human trafficking cartel. How Lakshmi’s death is avenged forms the crux of the story,) with a little glance of the trailer:

The movie is a celebration of women’s empowerment of two-hour. The basic concept of the movie tackles issues like sex trafficking, dependency (on man), gender bias,  and violence against women despite the endearing vision, the theme is rather muddied as the film goes on. Lakshmi (Lakshmi Manchu) indicts a dangerous criminal Vaikuntam (Prabhakar) after he was caught trafficking women with her continuous fights her way against deep-rooted connections between crime and bureaucracy. She is murdered by other members of Vaikuntam’s gang due to her strong-willed actions cause a back clash to ensure and. But for some reasons, which might please her, Lakshmi continues to live with her parents (Posani Krishna Murali and Hema) by her own choice and becomes a ghost whenever she wants and kill gang people one after other.

The first half of the movie is a bit confusing, that one can’t even figure out what’s happening and has numerous flashbacks and repetitive scenes. The script lacks any coherence with the screenplay which should be maintained. The movie also has extra side stories with two guests at Lakshmi’s house with t over-the-top comedy proving to be an assault on the senses. Some scenes like the two guests hide under bedsheets in their room would be bitterly directed. The story dialogue is also very starting to get irritating after a while only Lakshmi Manchu adding a little credibility to the screenplay but that’s also not too good.

The second half gives room to a thought making Lakshmi’s parents realizing that Lakshmi’s body is in control of the ghost of her twin sister Priya who had died during birth is a major flashback of Laxmi’s birth. The ghost of her sister Priya always accompanies Laxmi wherever she goes and occupies Laxmi’s body whenever she comes to real-life which leaves her parent in a dilemma as she is alive which again major a major deviation. The rest of the film is how Priya’s spirit takes revenge and eliminates the entire gang one by one including Vaikuntam.

There are too many turns of twist which makes the script in the first half played out very well.

When we can expect its Premier?

Due to the pandemic, the film will not be released theatrically and will stream worldwide on Disney+Hotstar on 9 November 2020

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