A Must Watch Oscar Award nominated Movies 2020

“OSCAR” is one of the most awaited award which is given annually for different categories related to the film industry all over the world at one platform. Behind each and every movie there’s a unique theme that delivers a strong message showcasing the reality of the real-world or sometimes that deals with fiction, transporting the spectator to another world. Wrapping up with all efforts, whether it be plotting, acting, budget, creativity, production, a movie is formed. And out of all the movies the one which catches the attention of people the most wins OSCAR.

Everybody is aware of who won Oscar in the present year, do we pay the same attention to nominated films too? Are they not too good?

So, here comes the nominated movies of 2020  who weren’t entitled with Oscar Award; however, it features an exciting theme behind for you to possess a glance once.



The movie “Joker” is based on a DC comic published in 1951 with the genre as a detective. The main protagonist of the theme is Joker whose name is Arther played by Joaquin Phoenix who narrated the story of a hard struggling but failed stand-up comedian of Gotham city who deals with a serious mental illness issue. This issue makes him laugh uncontrollably even at a very serious issue which proves to be a trouble for him. Not only this, his sickness even led him to face social rejection, and was bullied by several people too. After all this brutality which made him full of frustration, he changes himself and plans to take revenge, and slowly his action turns into violence making him the Clown Crime.


1917 Poster

Going up with the nominee’s list, “1917” and “Parasite” came to very intense competing rivals to be on top.
1917 was an important year for each side within the globe as War I took place. On 6 April, for an assignment, Lance Corporal Tom Blake as the British Army chose one of his battalion colleagues to accompany him which at least proved to be a race to save 16 hundred men from facing a death-causing trap which includes his brother too by delivering a message.

To know what happened at the last stage, were they all saved or died? You need to watch this movie.

The Irishman

The first look of the Irishman

The Irishman is based on a true story of World War II veteran Frank by Martin Scorsese.  The movie opens in the early 2000s in a retirement home where frank is sitting in a wheelchair. The theme deals with the back flash story of frank and Jimmy Hoffa who is his lifelong friend. It revolves around its crime family link-ups with Bufalino and his best friend sudden disappearance which frank recollects. There are a lot more particular details for you to find out yourself.

In the end, we find frank dealing with an illness named cancer in this present time where is aged old and was advised strictly to bed rest as he could barely stand, and walking becomes a dream for him.


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