Amazon has called for “The Boys” Spin-off along with Season 3

After the successful second season of “The Boys” this September, Amazon has announced a spin-off series to follow it. This is in addition to Season 3 that is expected to start production in 2021. This news came with the newest episode of Season 2. Amazon has gained a double audience compared to the first season for their original series and they want to expand this franchise.

The executive producer of The Boys wrote this spin-off series for the series that features a Supe School run by Vought International. This untitled spin-off is expected to be the same R-rated series that features the conflicts and physicalities between Superheroes that are restricted to a single building. There will be different stakes as compared to the original series but it is nice that Amazon is going for another original series that rivals the mainstream superhero movies.

The Boys is an over-the-top superhero movie that takes superheroes from Marvel and DC and makes them super-evil. In this world, the top superhero group called “The Seven” are celebrities for the business of a pharmaceutical organization called Voght International. Vought made a chemical called Compound V which was used to make artificial superheroes and recruits the strongest to work in “The Seven”. They do not care about the mental states of these recruits and most of the superheroes in this organization are pure evil.

The makers of this show have blasted the evilness of these heroes on us since the start. It is essentially an Adult show that shows how DC movies should have been. DC tried to make their movies with a lot of seriousness involved but Amazon took it another level. “The Boys” comic is a best seller that was chosen to be the competitor of a movie like Deadpool. Turns out, the satire is done in a better way and The Boys series is here to stay.

In this show, The Boys are the anti-hero that holds grudges against the deed of the top superheroes. The squad of MM, Frenchie, and Butcher are the original members of this group. Hughie joined in after his girlfriend was killed due to the hero called A-train. His girlfriend got destroyed because A-Train could not control his speed. Kimiko and Starlight are the latest additions to this squad as both of them do not like the behavior of Vought when their superpowers were used for bad stuff.

The main villain isĀ  Vought for this show. We can expect that someone in the school featured in the spin-off will also decide to go against the controlled environment practiced by Vought. We will let you know about the further details as they come but you can expect the spin-off at the end of 2021 along with Season 3 of the show. There is so much conflict in the current season of The Boys that we will have a lot to look forward to in the next season. As this is the biggest thing that runs on the Amazon Prime platform, we can expect a lot of media related to it in the future.

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