One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers: Jack Almost Died

One Piece Chapter 991 is expected to release tomorrow while we bring you the early spoilers for the chapter. This chapter featured two main battlefields in the current conflict between Kaido and Straw Hats. The Tobi Roppo just lost one of their members as X Drake decided to join Straw Hat in his quest to take down Kaido from the throne of the emperor of the Sea.

In that context, the first battle concerns X Drake. Queen found out that X Drake is a traitor in the Beast Pirates crew. We already know that X Drake is undercover active member of Navy despite formely retiring as the Rear Admiral previously. In flashback panels of the latest manga chapter, we know that X Drake knew Coby back in the navy days. This points to the connection of Drake with Monkey D. Garp as well.

Anyhow, Drake got away from Queen at first and managed to take down a number in the process. We know now that Numbers are a group of 10 ancient gaints like Oars serving under Kaido. The three that appeared recently were all drunk and very easy to take down but others could cause problems soon enough. Most of the Straw Hat crew advised against trusting Drake but Luffy was not concerned and he will fight Queen with the rest of them. Queen has got a very peculiar weapon that could cause massive problems. There was no mention of the death predicted in the previous chapter but we will find out soon enough.

The Release Date for One Piece Chapter 991 is 27 September 2020, and the chapter will be available on the Manga Plus platform at 3PM (GMT). The title for for this chapter is “Please Let us Die”.

The title points to the instance when the “Akazaya Samurai” challenge Kaido to let them die and take him down with them. They have had enough of the evil schemes of Kaido that have ruined the Wano Country, striped it from the beloved Shogun Oden and affected most of the people in Wano. They are willing to lay their lives in order to kill Kaido and free the country. As a matter of fact, they are not doing bad.

When these Akazaya attacked Kaido for the first time, Jack came to protect kaido along with many other minions. This is when the minks decided to active Sulong which gave them huge advantage over their opponents. The two mink lords became so powerful that they defeated Jack with relative ease. Both of them together are a force to reckon with, even without the Sulong. Other minks were also impressive and took down many of the minions.

Just as Jack is on the verge of death, Kaido steps up. Minks are pretty much done with their part in this fight as Sulong has a huge toll on their bodies. Kaido attacks with a fire attack from his belly towards the Mink lords and this is when Kinemon gets involved. Being the fire Samurai, he slices through the fire like its nothing. Kaido is left with all nine Akazaya Samurai (Izo took the place of Kanjuro) to face and the battle is just getting intense.

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