‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 168 Release Date

Boruto and Sarada were barely saved due to the timely effort of Mitsuki after the heavy defeat against Deepa. Mitsuki activated the Sage Mode to retrieve both of them and get away from Deepa by letting him take the Hashirama Cells. We have no idea what Deepa and Victor want with the Hashirama Cells but they were willing to kill for this tool. Both of them got away after defeating the entire Konoha team along with the land of Haze ninja. We also saw that they still need something else for whatever Victor wants to do with the Hashirama Cells.

Konohamaru and Mugino are looking into that after recovering for a bit at Konoha while the rest of the team is training till they come back. Mitsuki was the most injured after this incident as Sage Mode has a lot of bad effects on his body. He lost his organs and there was no way for the ninja to heal him. This is why he was sent to Orochimaru to heal for a while. He needs full regeneration and a lot of care from his creator. I hope he can use Sage mode more effectively after he is rebuilt by Orochimaru.

Boruto was looking for Sasuke to teach him a better form of Rasengan but Sasuke is not a master at that. He refers him to Kakashi because Naruto is too busy in his Hokage job. Kakashi was the sixth Hokage at one time but he just slacks off now because Naruto took over. It is nice to see that Kakashi will be teaching some new stuff to Boruto for a change. As for Sarada, she needs to master her Sharingan to use it during a battle for longer. There is no one else more suited for this training than Sasuke.

The next episode features these training sessions. Boruto Episode 168 is expected to come out on October 4, 2020.  You can watch the anime on the streaming service of Crunchyroll.

Deepa and Victor are connected to Kara and they have insight into that organization. Konohamaru and Mugino are going after them on their own which could be dangerous. Someone like Sasuke could get more deep into this matter if he realized that. From their conversation, it seemed like they are in bad terms with the members of Kara but we will see about that. This is anime canon stuff so we have little idea how this is connected to the people of Kara.

So, in this mostly anime stuff, we are about to get to the original manga stuff. It is nice to see team 7 doing normal missions while the manga is an all-out battle overall. But we need to get to the Kara Arc. There are 3-4 such episodes before the people from Kara start appearing again. For now, we see these shinobi train for the intense battles coming their way later. The encounter with Deepa will look safer after the main brass of Kara start showing up. We will get the appearance of Kawaki first after all.

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