One Piece Chapter 992: Release Date and Predictions

The current arc of one piece is at its climax right now and there is so much to keep up with. The biggest event was X Drake joining the battle against Kaido. He has not revealed his motivation to go against Kaido but we know why he chose Luffy to approve him as an ally. X Drake and Coby have talked about Luffy in the past, probably when Coby was training under Garp. They talked about how people feel better when they are on the side of Luffy. The chat between Hawkins and X Drake right before Queen found out about him could also have influenced his decision. There is a foreshadowing of a major character dying during this battle.

One Piece Chapter 992 is scheduled to come out on October 4, 2020, with no delays this week. The latest manga chapter for this manga is available on the Manga Plus site by Shueisha. This chapter will feature much more of the small battles that lead up to the final battle between Luffy and Kaido. Luffy has restrained from using his powers for long to save us energy until he is up against the boss.

Kaido is engaged by the Akazaya Samurai right now. The Minks that arrived from Zou to help out in this battle went all out against the Beast Pirate crew. They activated Sulong and destroyed most of the protection squad for Kaido. Jack was able to get rid of many of these Minks but the Mink Lords stepped up and proved too strong for Jack. Inu and Neko have a deep grudge against Jack and before they could kill Jack, Kaido intervenes to go up against all the Akazaya Samurai by himself.

He lets out his fire beam against them after warning them that they will all be killed right here. This is when Kinemon steps up and slices through the fire like it were nothing. He also cuts Kaido on the face which is not very common. Kinemon is especially eager to take on Kaido. The Akazaya Samurai have proven themselves very strong but all of them combined are not likely to take down Kaido. That is because Kaido has a huge crew behind it while being a powerhouse himself. There is even a chance that some of them do not make it alive through this.

Luffy is even more eager in this regard but the likes of Queen and King are not letting him get to the roof of Onigashima. The rest of the straw hat crew is shining in this battle as Usopp and Nami took on Page One and Ulti with great confidence. Zoro and X Drake also faced each other for a bit because none of the straw hats were buying the sudden change in Drake. However, Luffy lets him join and the next challenge for them is going to be Queen. I am sure that Luffy has greater plans but Zoro and Drake may team up against Queen now. Some more key characters are expected to shift the balances soon.

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