One Piece Episode 944: Release Date and Preview

For the next episode of One Piece, the focus will be on the uncontrolled rage of Big Mom towards anyone that comes in her way. Her hunger will only be satisfied if the Red Bean Soup is given to her. We have seen how Big Mom behaves at such occasions and she will go wild on everyone especially Queen and Luffy. One Piece Episode 944 is scheduled to release on 4 October 2020,

Most of us were looking forward to the fight between Queen and Luffy in the latest episode 943 of One Piece but its getting interrupted now. In the earlier tease, we got to know that Big Mom lost her memory when she fell from her ship on the way to Wano Island. She met Chopper and he led her to the place where Luffy is being kept right now. She is hungry so Chopper has promised that she will find Red Bean Soup at this place. However, as we know, Luffy and others already devoured all of the Red Bean Soup. Poor Big Mom, she got another reason to get mad at Luffy now.

Anyhow, Big Mom has made it to the place right when Luffy and Queen were on the verge of fighting all out. Queen started a competition called Sumo Inferno to punish the bad behaving prisoners at this prison which holds thousands of captives of Beast Pirates. Luffy is powerless because of the exploding cuff around his neck which will kill him if he steps out of the ring. Queen doesn’t know that Luffy knows how to disarm this device and go all out on him. He was about to do that but that won’t be necessary anymore. Queen has bigger things to deal with.

On the other side, the Straw Hat crew was successfully able to rescue Otoko when she was about to be killed by Shogun. Yasuie had to die unfortunately but his sacrifice will be crucial for the further plan of the Samurai. Zoro had to face Kyushiro while Sanji engaged X Drake. Kyushiro was able to keep up with Zoro but he bailed when the Oniwabanshu showed up. These groups of the ninja are not that strong but they do cause some problems for the group. Eventually, Sanji knocks the Dinosaur Drake and the crew is mostly out of trouble. Law was cornered by Hawkins because his group is now hostage to Hawkins and this means he will be captured along with his crew as he cannot kill his crew members.


Due to the sacrifice of Yasuie, Kinemon and Inu will be able to recruit Ashura Doji, who is trying to avoid them for a while. We still don’t have all nine revealed in the manga but the main attack will commence after they are all together. Yasuie has let them expand their operation and his new posters have pointed to a new meeting place for the Samurai. On the day they have agreed, a huge force will gather for their last stand against the evil Kaido and Orochi.

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