Dr. Stone Chapter 168: Release Date and Preview

We saw Tsukasa pointing his spear in the face of Dr. Xeno because the tunnel is complete. Chrome and the others were able to infiltrate his headquarters without any of the guards noticing anything. In the two week time, they built a sturdy tunnel to the headquarters of Dr. Xeno and they arrived to kidnap Dr. Xeno just when he was thinking that the battle is won. Dr. Xeno was surprised that Chrome was able to engineer such a great tunnel in so little time and the guards of the tower never noticed anything. While Stanley has taken over the Perseus, Chrome, and others have the Enemy’s King.

In the latest chapter 167 of Dr. Stone, we learn more about the ambition of Dr. Xeno. He wants to rule the new world all by himself where there is no more politics or conflict like the old world. He offers chrome a position as the commander as he thinks that intelligent people should command the mindless powerful people in his world. This reminds us of the ideology of the rogue Tsukasa, only in reverse. Chrome rejects his offer though as he has no interest in commanding other people. Senku and Chrome have the mindset to let everyone live and bring the old world back instead of becoming a ruler.

Chrome and the others captured Dr. Xeno. An alarm rang in the castle that intruders are here. To get through the tunnel faster, Chrome set off a bomb inside the tunnel that gave momentum to the sled to move forward in the tunnel. But the tunnel collapsed on both sides. The subordinates of Dr. Xeno dig from one side while Taiju tries to dig from the other. Taiju makes it there first and the group has successfully captured Dr. Xeno from his headquarters. They have the Enemy’s main man in possession and it gives them an advantage over the others.

Chrome informs Senku that Dr. Xeno is in their hands through the cell phone and the next step comes from Senku. He has to use this advantage in his favor and make Stanley surrender. Stanley took down all resistance on the persues while Senku and A were distracted by the air attack. They need to take the ship back and keep Dr. Xeno in their custody until peace is made between both parties.

Despite his wild ambitions to rule over the new World, Dr. Xeno wants to have as little casualties as possible. He doesn’t know the actual revival formula and Senku may bargain over that. Dr. Xeno may get convinced by the plans of Senku to revive the entire world and come to peace. Communication is key here as there are misunderstandings on both sides. Senku was almost assassinated in the hopes that the rest of the Kingdom of Science will surrender after their boss is defeated. Not only did Senku survive, Dr. Xeno got captured after the surprise attack.

Dr. Stone Chapter 168 is scheduled to come out on October 4, 2020, on the manga plus site at 3:00 PM GMT. Be sure to check it out.

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