The Boys Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date and What to Expect

The Second Season of The Boys is almost over. We got two more episodes coming for the next month at the Amazon Prime Platform. The Boys S2 Episode Seven will be available on Friday, October 2, 2020. Here is the official preview for the next episode. 

Homelander is getting comfortable with Stormfront now. She revealed all of her past to Homelander, how she is over more than 100 years old, and the wife of the founder of Vought, Frederick Vought. Stormfront was the first person to even get the Compound V and it worked really well on her. She tells Homelander that Frederick Vought did not make this organization to build a public image for the company. Vought International was founded on a Nazi mindset and they want to dominate all other races by building a huge army of Superheroes.

In the preview, we also saw that Starlight is also in the spotlight now. Frenchie pulled out the chip that Vought uses to track her. They have realized that Starlight has decided to leave the Seven. This is why Homelander and Stormfront declare her a traitor on national television. She is now wanted just like the rest of The Boys crew. Starlight never liked the atmosphere of Vought anyway. She was only there to expose Vought and as soon as her secret was found, she left the organization. She might turn into a full-time member of “The Boys” now.

Homelander and Stormfront also visit the son of Homelander. Here, Homelander calls Stormfront his girlfriend, and tells his son that they will visit him often to build the relationship. This should be frightening for Rebecca as she had previously refused to run away with Butcher. She is more concerned about her son despite her love for Butcher.

Episode 7 Preview

Butcher and his crew got inside a secret superhero facility and many strong supes got out during the break-in. The crew also found a former “The Seven” member who was involved with them five years ago. Lamplighter tried to murder their boss Mallory but killed her grandchildren instead. That is why they originally broke off in the first place. Now, Frenchie has a plan to use Lamplighter against the current Vought as Lamplight agreed to help out due to his guilt. Vought was perfecting the Compound V formula at this secret facility to create thousands of supes like Homelander to take over the world. 

It is surprising that Butchers and others have survived so many encounters with Supes till now. Black Noir was about to kill Butcher if he didn’t mention the evidence about Homelander’s secret son. There have been many other close calls as well. Hughie was badly injured in the previous episode. They have gathered a lot of new supes on their side though. The fight is now against Vought instead of Superheroes as they are responsible for creating these powers and then radicalizing them for personal gains. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the finale of this season. 

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