The God of High School Season 2: Release Date and Expected Plot

The God of High school Season 1 ended with the finale episode that aired on Crunchyroll yesterday. This was when we got to see the true power of Jin Mori against Jegal Taek. It was God vs God and some extraordinary action was seen. A lot of stuff happened in the recent finale and it left many things for a future season of the anime.

Crunchyroll has not announced a second season for the series yet. The first season was announced back in July and gained a lot of popularity. Although the script was very poor, MAPPA did a great job in choreography and animation of the major fights. It was a bad decision to rush things in just 13 episodes as this anime could have been much better if they gave time to everything. Anyhow, the anime was rated highly among fans and Crunchyroll will likely renew the anime for a second season in the next year.

Jin Mori, Han Daewi, and Yu Mira were the last people standing for the tournament according to a newly revealed member of the six. This woman made her appearance at the last moments of the finale and she was the one who was going to grant the wish of the winners. Only one of them can get their wish granted. Jin Mori was desperate to know where his grandfather could be but he held his nerve and wished to heal everyone that was injured during the tournament. His wish was granted and excluding the dead, everyone was healed and the women shrunk to a tiny girl. She was one of the Gods that grant Charkeok and Jin Mori is the same type as well. Jin Mori will travel to a faraway land to learn more about the diety that appeared as himself in the final battle. His memories about this God are sealed and only one place can unlock those for him.

Jin Mori God Mode

As for his grandfather, Nox has him in prison somewhere. During his fight with the Nox leader, Jin Taejin was badly injured and even looks like he is missing an arm. In a tease, his grandfather was thinking that Jin Mori can fight everyone with his will, any opponent he faces, even his grandfather. This means that Nox could resort to using Jin Taejin at some point. Mori is very attached to his grandfather and this could anger him quite a bit.

The God of High School tournament was a huge mess, to say the least. Nox planned to sabotage the entire tournament from the start while The Six were also planning to unleash the key in this tournament. Park Mujin plans to take over the country now, after pushing their candidate in the presidential election while Nox will try to do the same. I wish we knew more about the members of Nox and The Six. Hopefully, we will get that in the next season. The fights for the last episode were well done and that makes it worthwhile to watch the anime. Check out the finale on Crunchyroll.

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