BLACKLIST SEASON 8- Will it Release Soon?

An American show- Blacklist deals with a catch up of FBI, the mastermind who had slipped from many one’s hands and get success by executing his plans perfectly. This series was created by “Jon Bokenkamp” giving new twists and turns in the script starring  Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, and Harry Lennix as the leads.

This series is based on a true story from Boston, MA, USA. To hide some confidential details which couldn’t be given in the hand of the public, few changes were made. To make it more interesting, they gave it a sharp rise in the thrill. But the truth of  Whitey Bulger (in real-world) killing 19 different people with his conspiracy, remains the same.

Blacklist season 8 – Star Cast

The first season got aired on 23rd September 2013 on the platform NBC which people admired for its suspense. After picking up the thread from last season, served another season. After the love and support of the public, this show has now acquired a goal of launching seven successful seasons.

What is the theme behind the series Blacklist?

The story revolves around high professional crime master which was a former intelligence officer in the USA Navy played by James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington. Presenting full drama and stressing with the scene with the stories of crimes and still not being caught.

THE BLACKLIST — Unbeatable Crime Master

When will blacklist season 8 would premiere?

Officially season eight was scheduled to be Aired in February 2020 but due to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus all around the world making production house, shooting stuff difficult to manage by maintaining social distancing. Coming to its release which has been holding the breath of the public, they still need to wait for long but do not get dishearten as season eighth’s shoot casting was in full fled.

Where we could expect blacklist season 8 to watch?

It will surely land its arm on NBC, fuboTV, and DIRECTV. Here is good news for Netflix paid users as you can find your crime wrapped exclusively of all-season there. Keep the fingers crossed as season 8 will also launch on that platform soon. Stay tuned for more latest updates.

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