Manifest Season 3: Is the Series up on Netflix? Spoiler Exclusives

Today we will give you some exclusive leaks about Season 3 of Manifest. The American Series “Manifest” headed its first land on NBC in September 2018 which is created beautifully by Jeff Rake giving a touch of dramatic sense. Fingers were crossed by creators, directors, and production hoping for a good public reaction which they got. After this, they planned out for the next season for almost a year and it finally got released after a few months back in January 2020.

The first look at Manifest

What’s the main theme of Manifest?

The story revolves around passengers and crew members flying in a plane. Plane goes through one after the other major turbulence present by the mixture of time traveling, which is a fictitious part of the story, of course, makes the series more binding for a spectator. After a lot of drama and tantrums, everyone in the plane gets to know that they have spent a long time in the plane, almost five and a half years doing nothing but flying in the air.

Spoilers About Manifest Season 3

There is a lot of suspense among people with were left unsaid in season 2. We came across the ending scene of season 2 as a fisherman finds something in the mid-ocean, pulls out, and drags a huge part of the metal to the land area, it is linked with the disappearance of the flight. How Zeke beat his day of death and survived in last season? Season 3 will continue unfolding this mystery.

Cast and unsolved Fight 828 mystery

The love triangle between Zeke-Michaela-Jared will get an intense touch with a tussle of attention and ignorance. We can except 2 characters of the series diving deeper into the ocean of mystery to sort the scene of fight 828 vanishment but who are those 2 characters? Wait a bit more and find it with the Season 3 release. According to some sources, new faces will also be seen.

Are the Main characters really gonna change?

The main protagonist will hold the same role as earlier with no change.

Trailer and Season 3 Premiere

As Season 2 launched in January of this year, it will take at least one year to make another whole new season. As of now, there is no discussion about trailer release, and coming to its premiere, HULU has confirmed to expect it in 2021.

Is it available on NETFLIX?

A big NO! Currently Manifest is not available on NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME. Nevertheless, You can checkout HULU, NOW TV, SKY TV to watch the seasons online.

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