Netflix’s Bulbul – What Made the Story Unique!

Some people love simplicity more than action, comedy, and other stuff. Keeping all these points in mind, NETFLIX came up with another masterpiece directed by written and directed by Anvita Dutt. It was a totally fresh Indian Hindi language series that aired on June 24, 2020. It picked up a lot of heat among people loving old-time things to be delivered in the present scenario and even teaching today’s generation the harsh life of the golden period. Leaving all the show from Bollywood and Hollywood behind, it stole the first position in 2020.

Bulbul or a Bad Evil?

In today’s world, it is always believed that casting a name-famed actor or actress would gather a lot of popularity. But this was ultimately broken by the star cast of Tripti Dimri with other supporting co-actors. She is presented as a Bengali girl “Binodini” in a society dominated by men where girls have no right to speak, and taking part in decision making proves to be another dream for them.

Bulbul Star cast

The movie starts with a scene of the marriage of a little girl showcasing “Bal Vivaah” with a young and muscular man, and she is unaware of everything. After ending all rituals, she is headed to her in-law’s house, who gets interested in her brother-in-law, misunderstanding him to be her husband.

The story is set in pieces of flashbacks, at present, we can see a doctor treating the Thakuralin’s leg. At the same time, her younger brother-in-law returned to Haveli after passing many years and wanted to settle in India. Finding the doctor and Binodini catchup, he gets jealous. Then the back story starts unfolding.

Jumping up with the time, the new bride grows young. Mahendra, who is Bulbul’s husband, learns about the chemistry of her wife and his brother, deciding to send him London to study. He gets a confirmation when he notices a piece of paper with both lovers having a name on it. At night, he drags her wife and beats her till her legs get completely damaged.

Young Girl to Growing Old

With a lot of bandages and medicines, the doctor stabilizes her leg, but they could notice it is being rotated 360 degrees. With all this incident, she holds a lot of grudges and plans to take revenge whosoever tries to dominate and does unfair against women. She initiates by killing her husband than the rest of the bad evils but never reveals her identity, making it a rumor that a CHUDAIL lives in that village. Later on, when Satya and the doctors are on a mission of hunting animals, Satya spots CHUDAIL and shoots her. The search is intensified, and then summing up the movie, the whole village is set on fire. Satya realizes that she was non-other than her lover, Binodini.

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