Soul (2020): Release Date and Where to Watch

Soul is an upcoming Pixar film that is based on a supernatural journey of a musician to find his true potential in The Great Under. Pixar has never done this type of movie before and having an African-American main character is also a new thing for them. The CEO of Pixar, Pete Doctor had the idea for this film back in 2016 and the movie was finished under his direction in early 2019. Soul was scheduled to release in June 2020 this year but the date was moved up due to the ongoing pandemic. The new release date was announced in the trailer linked below.

Soul is going to feature in theatres on November 20, 2020, as announced during the summer. In a piece of earlier news, it was rumored that Soul will be released on Disney+ due to the pandemic concerns. However, it was later clarified that the movie will be released theatrically with proper safety protocols in place. Many of the other big releases like Black widow were moved up to 2021 but Soul is still getting released this winter as planned. The studio will follow with a subsequent online release on Disney+ as well. The film was also selected for the Rome Film Festival in Hong Kong and will be released as the opening film on October 15, 2020, ahead of the cinematic release.

Jamie Foxx was cast as the voice actor for the main character, Joe Gardner. Tina Fey, Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, and Daveed Diggs are the others that were cast for this movie back in May 2020. This is a musical featuring Jazz as the main genre so Jon Batiste was introduced to write the songs. Pixar did a great job in keeping the production crew diverse and the movie is already looking to do great at the premiere.

Pete Doctor is an excellent story writer for fantasy films like his previous works like Monsters Inc. and Inside out. The theme for this particular film was to explore the concept of Soul in his style that would intrigue the audience as well. Pixar also kept the cultural and religious theme related to Soul during the animation of this movie to make it relatable for the person watching. I am sure you will love this movie when it comes out if you are a fan of the previous work done by Pete. Anyway, stay tuned for more details about the movie in the coming months.


Joe Gardner is a typical middle-aged high school teacher with a passion for Jazz music. It is his dream to perform music on stage in front of an audience. When he finally gets his chance after impressing fellow jazz players at Half Note Club, an unexpected event causes him to descend to The Great Beyond. Joe’s Soul escapes to The Great Before where souls develop their personalities and traits before descending to Earth. Now, Joe is in a race against time where he has to work with other souls like 22 to get back to Earth before his body dies. He also has to make it to his act or his nemesis Paul will steal his dream.

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