Top 5 Amazon Original Hindi Shows That Are Worth Watching

Amazon Prime has always been a tough competitor to Netflix. Every show tells different stories that are far better than movie stuff. We can see the performance graph that says an exponential increase in TV shows in the entertainment world for the past 3-4 years.

Here are the top binged watched and all-time loved Hindi shows from Amazon Original;

Pataal Lok

Patal Lok – Poster

Pataal Lok got fame in a very short time frame. It showcased a story of a criminal “Hathora Tyagi” who kills very brutally. This case was assigned to a police officer who tries to catch him, but he is tricked every time with some obstacle by his department. Later on, he was suspended for no fair reason, and then, he starts working freely, going to many places, unfolding the criminal’s history.

The Family Man

The Family Man Poster

An ordinary man in the world’s eye who is an investigating agent by profession gets on a mission against a notorious terrorist. He can’t even explain this to his family as it is a very confidential matter which can cause his death and save his family as well because of terrorists holding grudges. The whole show deals with tantrums faced by Manoj Vajpayee, balancing between personal and professional life.


Kaalin Bhaiya From Mirzapur

Mirzapur is a place in Uttar Pradesh, basically known for common violence and lawlessness. This show beautifully delivers the domination of Kaalin Bhaiya, played by Pankaj Tripathi, without whose permission, no one even breathes. His younger brother falls in love with a girl who denies accepting his proposal. Later on, everything is fixed with time. The mixture of gangster violence with some wild lovemaking is immensely binding.


A Still look from Panchayat

A very beautiful and far from crime and love stuff, this series is summed up. It revolves around Jitendra Kumar acting as Abhishek, who joins a government job and gets shifted to a village he hasn’t experienced before. |With this, he prepares for the MBA but fails to clear. His struggle in adjusting to the environment and frustration seeing his friends, well settled, and partying makes him heartbroken. But in the end, he tries to find happiness in what he is.

Inside Edge

Inside Edge Poster

Inside Edge has already aired two seasons now. From the start, everything thing grips about cricket. People only see the glammed up life of cricketers from matches, but reality speaks something else. It showcases the internal matters, whether it is match-fixing, fights between players, and everything showing the dark truth.

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