Vagabond Season 2 is still Cancelled? Recap and More

A South Korean TV Show directed by Yoo In-Sik with a screenplay by Jang Young-Chul and Jung Kyung-soon named “Vagabond” got aired back on SBS TV during the time frame of 20 September to 23 November 2019. The theme of the story is around a plane crash that killed around 211 civilians that included Cha Dalgun’s Nephew. After seeing this, Cha Dalgun tries every possible way to solve the mystery behind the crash. He even reaches out to National intelligence services with the help of a source, and at some point, the matter of corruption also gets involved.

A still scene from the TV show

Recap of Season 1

As mentioned above, Cha Dalgun’s Nephew is found dead in a plane crash, but when Cha Dalgun attends the funeral session, he finds out that it was not as it seems. Maybe, it wasn’t a crash. Later on, with NIS, he uncovers the deep-rooted mystery which starts unfolding as the story progresses. Dalgun and Haeri get closer as the story progresses, and they are trying to prove to the country that the crash was a result of corporate espionage, which puts Haeri in danger consequently. Still, he tries to save every other person going to the verge where he avoids his death.

As the story moves ahead, it comes to light that Jessica Lee was thought to be the mastermind behind the crash. The President, who was in collision with her, was set up to fall in the crash. Then, Haeri is set on a path of revenge upon learning of his death.

Can we get a renewal for Season 2?

The creators of the show are still unsure about this part as they didn’t get the response as they wanted. Moreover, the leads actors also predict that the show next season won’t enroll too much audience proving to be a flop only. Also, on the other end, some are having a very positive attitude towards renewal.

When Can We Expect Season 2 Airing?

You can expect the show if everything is set up, but the case seems to be the opposite. Everything is unclear about it, whether it is shooting, production, or adding twists in the plot. With all this in mind, we see it being served to the audience, not before 2022, or you can even stretch to 2023. Nothing is officially announced till now, this was just a prediction. Nevertheless, keep your fingers crossed and wait for it if you are a Korean Drama fan. Stay tuned for more updates with us.

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