Zee’s Shukranu Plot was not Original

As in today’s world, we see can prevailing male domination and women are given a tag of “inferior.” They are usually made the target just in the name of feminism and are still being trolled. Breaking this stigma and making its presence that men too suffer from the personal problems, An Indian film titled Shukranu is put on Zee 5, directed by Bishnu Dev Halder and given support by the production of Reliance Entertainment. It was aired on 14 February 2020, wrapping up within the time frame of approx. 90 minutes.

The story doesn’t say something new.

As the title suggests, as the name means “sperm,” the series was focused on InderĀ  (played by Divyenndu), displayed as an employee in a factory who resorts to a time-tested method to compensate for his discerned lack of manhood, which causes tension. At the same time, he has an extra-marital affair. The plot is set up between 1975 and 1977 when democratic rights were suspended and was a concern of huge attention. To control the population, the Government initiated brutally sterilizing men and took their ability to carry their generation further.

Meanwhile, the marriages of the loved ones took place, nights followed by the first night, and the aftermath seemed a nightmare. Inder’s bride Reema (played by Shweta Basu Prasad), had shyness from her husband due to which they are not able to spend time properly. After the consultation with the doctor, they get to know, sterilization has nothing to do with lovemaking, mainly sexual performance.

After dealing with numerous thoughts, they finally have intercourse, and here comes the twist, she gets pregnant. When his husband comes to know, he gets shocked. Inder’s inner senses say that she must be having an affair with her past boyfriend or maybe some other person. This constantly nags Inder making him restless. He deals with the situation by having an affair with Akriti (played by Sheetal Thakur) to whom he was initially attracted and shared love before planning to marry Reema. Reema deals up with swollen belly and explains herself to everyone, including Inder, however, he must confront his petty-mindedness.

With this theme, we can very clearly say that there was nothing new. We have seen this kind of plotting in the movies of Ayushmann Khurrana showcased in almost the same way and dealt with men-related issues only.

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