Little Fires Everywhere – A Recommended Series

Little Fire Everywhere is an American web series with a lot of drama, created by Liz Tigelaar with Celeste Ng, Harris Danow, Rosa Handelman, and Shannon Huston. They made up the whole show, curving into 66 minutes at its topmost stretch for one episode. This mini-series was launched on Hulu in March 2020 with eight episodes.

A book inspired this show with the same name as the series, Little Fires Everywhere, which was one the best-selling novels of 2017 dealing with the fiction world, which takes you back to the year 1997. We can say that creator didn’t have to struggle much for plotting, and she did a great job with the story.

Elena and Mia

 When you dive into the series or the novel Little Fires Everywhere, it will make a start as a suburban whodunit. In the opening chapter, the mystery starts building up around a house in the neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio. It was burned down completely as if someone has set a series of fires intentionally inside its bedrooms, and no one knows why that leads to a big question. Then the tale rewinds to a flashback of last summer season, and from there, it becomes a study of two women, or you can say two catfighting women — Elena Richardson and Mia Warren. Elena is a wealthy woman with four children, while Mia is a nomadic single mother. These two get involved with each other when Mia rents a room in the house of Elena. When Elena’s house catches fire, the first suspicions go to Mia and her daughter. However, there are others involved in framing Mia. This is a creative depiction of the racial and female dynamic of a typical American society adding mystery into the mix.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer opens with a statement, “Someone burns down your house with you inside.” This catches a lot of attention, but who is that “someone” remains a mystery. Mia takes up the house on rent without giving her many personal details apart from mentioning that she is an Artist. Also, at some point, the story turns to a fight between daughter and mother, which puts her daughter in a dilemma that some truth is being concealed, which is far from her imagination. At the same time, Elena tries to find out who Mia is and why did she appear in her household all of a sudden. Every family has its secrets, but what is so intense and deep routed that Mia has hidden about herself.

Is it a thumbs up for watching?

Going by the reviews till now, from considering almost all the platforms, it has received an excellent rating. As the story comes from the best-selling novel, it already has a fan base that cheered for the series. So, summing up, you must check out this series at least once and feel engaged in the mystery.

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