Thappad – This is a Matter of Concern

In today’s world, on one side, we say that we are growing and leading towards equality in professional and personal life, sharing all the assets. But do think that the case remains the same as it was portrayed in the movie “Thappad”?  It is an Indian movie that shows the stigma of society where women are treated as inferior. This masterpiece is crafted beautifully by Anubhav Sinha, which he has co-produced with Bhushan Kumar.

It was launched on 28 February 2020 delivering everything, in a very easy to understand Hindi, wrapping up in the time frame of 2 and a half-hour, starring in lead Taapsee Pannu as Amrita Sabharwal and other co-stars including Pavail Gulati as Vikram Sabharwal and Dia Mirza as Shivani Fonseca. The movie was a huge success altogether.

What does the Plot Scream?

The story revolves around a happily married couple, Amrita Sabharwal and Vikram Sabharwal, settled in Delhi with Vikram’s ailing mother. Amrita is a strong and determined girl who chooses to be a full-time homemaker despite being a trained classical dancer, leaving her passion behind. From the kitchen to the washroom, she is a wife standing on one foot where her life revolves around the career-oriented and highly ambitious husband.

Everything was going picture-perfect until one day, Vikram arranges a party in his house. Due to some official tension, without realizing what he is doing, slap her wife, and the attention of each and every guest shifts towards the tantrum going on. The music stops, party ruined, but Amrita holds her breath and walks out. Partying proves to be the turning point of the movie where on one side, his husband takes it very lightly, saying that it is just a matter of a slap, but on the other side, Amrita is revolting from inside.

The creators of ‘thappad’ have portrayed this small issue giving much importance. It is necessary to point out that in many cases, women are made to feel that it is a matter of her own house, and publicizing it would cause embarrassment in society. Summing up the whole story is the point when the problem starts stretching and even leads to an ugly phase of divorce. Do you think she was selfish or only bound by a husband who was just ready to divorce her because his image got ruptured in front of everyone? If you are in a dilemma whether to watch this masterpiece or not, I would say you will miss something exceptional if you don’t check this out.

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