The Boys Season 2 Finale: Release Date and Preview

Coming out of watching the seventh episode of the Boys, we have got a lot of looks forward to for the finale of Season 2. The stakes got way higher, and many people are in danger from the cooperate schemes of The Vought. This series is about to complete its two seasons, but we still don’t know anything about the main villain controlling the events happening in the current sub-plots.

This article may contain spoilers.

Grace Mallory took the command of The Boys just a few episodes ago, and they are still going with their strategy to expose Vought publically so that they lose their influence over the country. However, whenever something very crucial about the organization is about to be revealed, the heads start exploding, literally.

Minds Blown

Episode 7 started with the look back when the head of deputy CIA director, Raynor, exploded in the first episode of this season. This was a teaser to the events of the current episode because it went crazy with the exploding heads. Grace and Butcher arranged for a proper hearing against Vought and arranged for the chief scientist of Vought, Dr. Jonah Vogelbaum, to testify against them. But just when we thought Vought was exposed and they will take a proper dive this time, the unknown assassin of Vought starts exploding the heads of people present at the hearing live on the television. Vought was ready for something like this, but they may have increased the problems for themselves.

Dr. Jonah is dead, Lamplighter already killed himself, and Butcher and his team learned that the head exploding assassin is real and anyone can be targetted. Even Stormfront and Homelander were surprised when this happened suddenly, which means this is a top-secret asset of Vought for high-risk situations. This final scene of Episode 7 sets up the final target for our vigilantes gathered under the guidance of Butcher. Whoever is pulling strings behind the top brass of Vought, he is eyes on everyone, and this same villain could be a powerful telepath, destroying heads with his mind powers.

Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

After the ‘mind-blowing episode,’ Amazon Prime should be preparing for the finale that changes everything for this series. We know that Amazon plans to continue The Boys for the third season so, the final episode will set up things for the future while finalizing the plot of the current season. The last episode for The Boys, Episode 8 of Season 2, is scheduled to release on October 9, 2020. The time for release could change, but depending on your region, Amazon will give you an expected time on their streaming platform.

I expect that the final episode will be a blast. We could have a significant death and a lot of drama leading up to the big reveal of the real face behind Vought. I know that Stan Edgar is one of the established evil of Vought, but he probably no telepath. The introduction of Stormfront suggests that there is a secret boss behind Vought that controls everything remotely. However, after the series of leaks about Vought, he may decide to get into the picture to end ‘The Boys’ crew. Let’s see how the studio handles the finale the next Friday. Stay tuned for the reaction on that.

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