Burn the Witch: The Bleach Spin-off was a Hit

It was announced back in August that ‘Burn the Witch’ film is currently under production, and a series of manga chapters were released to showcase the storyline of the upcoming movie. Even if you read the manga, you would have never expected such a film about a spin-off. The Studio did an excellent job with the cinematics, and the plot of the movie was spot on. If you ever found Bleach enjoyable, this is a similar kind of experience that leaves you with a desire for more.

Burn the Witch was released in cinema as a full movie on October 1, 2020, while Crunchyroll released it on their site as a three-part series like an anime.  It got an overwhelming response at the release, especially from the Bleach fan base. The film was bold with its theme and bewitched the audience at every corner. The story was engaging throughout, and it left a lot of room for this franchise to grow. The Creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo, already announced that he would continue his first one-shot manga soon.

The original one-shot for Burn the Witch was released back in 2017, and it was a lot more detailed than this movie. But this is done so that the plot of the story is set up for the audience. You can read the entire one-shot if you want more on this story. Tite Kubo has shown interest in promoting his work after Bleach that was only meant to be a spin-off. However, both Bleach and Burn the Witch are done 8so that they only appeal to a limited audience for this type of Shonen. Only time will tell if the sequel to this movie or an entire anime series is given to Burn the Witch. It is essential to mention here that the final anime for Bleach covering the Thousand-Year Arc is also in production.

What is Burn the Witch about?

This is a spin-off film of the popular anime, Bleach, that carries similar character designs and styles from the hit series. The story focuses on two witches, Ninny and Noel, who work for the Wing Bind. This organization is based in a fictional part of London called “Reverse London,” and Dragons are real in this world. The job of Wizards and Witches working for Wing Bind, which is the western branch of Soul Society, is to control the attack from Dark Dragons. For this world, Dragons, just like Hollows, can be good or bad and the dark dragon are the worst of the dragons.

Burn the Witch was a heavily anticipated movie for this year, and the Studio delivered an excellent piece altogether. There were some apparent shortcomings in the animation, but the story remained enjoyable throughout. Balgo Parks is supposed to be important in this series, but the pervert part of the Ichigo looking character was taken too far, and it was a bit out of place. Nevertheless, the plot was able to deliver the whole theme behind the spin-off, and there is a lot of room for further development.

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