Ares Season 2 – Premiere, Cast, Plot and More

On January 17, 2020, the Dutch series named Ares got aired, delivering a fusion of horror scenes. It is mainly showing a medical fresher college’s student life. Though horror was portrayed well in 8 episodes, at a point, it starts to feel as if something is missing, and this show couldn’t match the same level as “Annabelle” or “The Conjuring.” For this reason, we can rate it as an average show. However, to take the show towards upliftment, the creators have decided to continue with a second season.

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The Cover of Ares

It is directed by Giancarlo Sanchez and Michiel Ten Horn, joining hands with creators Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten, and Sander van Meurs. They have worked together to make the show a boom featuring stars such as:

  • Rosa Steenwijk, played by Jade Olieberg
  • Jacob Wessels, played by Tobias Kersloot
  • Carmen Zwanenburg, played by Lisa Smit
  • Roderick Van Hall, played by Robin Boissevain
  • Fleur Borms, played by Frieda Barnhard
  • Maurits Zwanenburg, played by Hans Kesting
  • Hester de Hoogh, played by Rifka Lodeizen
  • Puk, played by Roos Dickmann

Ares Season 2: Plot

Ares’s second season connects the wires with the first season. The story is not yet revealed officially, and much of these social media updates are available regarding this. We’ve been through season 1 conclusion, and it will continue from that point. The show had some moments where the series could have went for different endings.

Ares was maintaining a supernatural force known as Beal as she was built to keep it contained. Beal is a shameful tar-like material that’s the manifestation of the guilt; it is pure wicked. Rosa absorbed it at one point and could jump into Beal. She was emerging as a being reborn, and her eyes had a tar-black color. This might be a potential plot point for season two, as the new power of Rosa will be further explained. We cannot wait for the plot to release; after all, there can be many outcomes possible.

Ares season 2: The Premiere And Trailer

Season 1 got aired last January, so we can imagine that season 2 will take time to get a premiere. The shooting and other production stuff do take a lot of time. Also, the pandemic added a point of delay to the show. Unfortunately, there is no official word about the release of the Ares Season 2, and not even the trailer is out. Nevertheless, we can expect the second season at the end of  2021; it won’t take much more time than that. Stay tuned for more updates.

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