Dr. Stone Chapter 169: Release Date and Preview

I am impressed by how the battle between Xeno and Senku was handled in the last few chapters of Dr. Stone. Remarkably, the latest chapter proved that Dr. Stone is such a great manga to read. The author, Riichiro Inagaki, started with a basic theme about a petrified world that was rebuilding itself after 1000 years. But he delivered each arc with perfection. The finale is always delivered extraordinarily, even though the outcome is already evident.

In the case of Dr. Xeno vs. Dr. Senku, the battle of science, we knew that Dr. Xeno is at a disadvantage. He made a mistake with his first move and eliminated the leading scientist of the opposition to achieve victory as the rest of the team would lose hope against such an advanced race at that time. However, he didn’t keep an eye on the rest of the people with Senku on the ship. He underestimated all of them. But Senku was ahead. Not only that, he saved himself from Stanley’s killer bullet, Senku trained a perfect replacement for himself. The knowledge passed on to Chrome made the difference here.

While Senku was knocked out, Chrome dug a hole through the ground to the enemy’s base and got to the leader of their opponents to gain leverage. Chrome also had the best fighters with him, which meant that his effort was bound to work. Dr. Xeno was captured swiftly while Senku and the rest lost their ship. This is when Senku made a comeback and took the entire game. Senku snuck with Ryusai onto the Aircraft even though he was not needed in this air battle. The main force of Dr. Xeno, led by Stanley, claimed their victory after taking over the aircraft carrier.

What they didn’t realize is that after Senku and Ryusai left, there is no one major left on the ship. Others also manage to sneak off the ship after a Japanese broadcast on the ship as no one except Xeno understood much Japanese. Senku and his primary helpers leave the Aircraft behind and steal one of Xeno’s ship to play diplomacy with Xeno’s troops while their boss is in captivity. This is a significant win for Senku as his goal to make a revived city from the Nital made from American corn is now acquired.

Chapter 169 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 169 is scheduled to release on October 12, at midnight JST. You can read the latest chapter on the official website of Shueisha for manga releases, Manga Plus.

While having a war with Dr. Xeno, Senku puts out an offer to Xeno’s troops to build a city of one million people using his revival formula. Xeno may not agree to Senku, but some of his subordinates will listen. The story now shifts to a battle of diplomacy where the two forces try to build for a common goal while keeping their differences. While overpowering Tsukasa worked in the past, this is the best way to negotiate with people from another country, and Senku has done it. Kindom of Science has laid the foundation for ‘Corn City.’

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