One Piece Episode 992: New Release Date and Creator’s Illness

You may have noticed that One Piece didn’t get a new chapter this weekend, as previously announced by the publisher. The date changed on the Manga Plus site a few days ago after the chapter went for a two-week delay. It was immediately confirmed that this was due to a sudden illness of Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece. Since then, multiple speculations arose, but in the end, the official statement from Eicchiro’s Staff explained that the mangaka has already recovered, and he is working hard to deliver the chapter in the next WSJ issue.

This started when a Twitter user noticed that Shueisha changed the release date for One Piece Chapter on their release site. Shonen came out with the explanation that the mangaka Eiichiro Oda has taken an illness break for two weeks. His staff also came out with an explanation on twitter stating that Oda is doing fine at the time, and he is working hard to deliver the chapter the 46th issue of WSJ. The new release date for Chapter 992 is October 17, 2020, at midnight JST.

To explain this sudden delay, I have to remind you of the release schedule during the last two months. Oda has now taken multiple breaks in the previous three months due to his health issues. Some of them were planned since the start of the new year. Oda has started planning these off-weeks after his health suddenly deteriorated due to ‘working too hard on One Piece’ a few years ago. This type of breaks ensures that Oda keeps working round the year, and there are no significant Hiatus along the way.

All-Stars, Kaido, and Orochi

Chapter 992 Preview

We can imagine that Oda and his crew are working hard because the recent chapters of One Piece were outstanding. There is so much to process in each chapter, even though it’s just a few pages at a time. The Straw hats and their allies have started a major battle with the Beast Pirates. Beast Pirates are the crew of Yonko, Kaido, known as the strongest beast alive. The ultimate goal is to defeat Kaido and his crew and bring peace to the land of Wano. Kaido and his evil Shogun Orochi have caused too much damage to the country.

Since the battle started, we have seen many amazing duels, a change of hearts, and commitments to this cause from both sides. Kaido’s crew members are a considerable force with strong devil fruit users strongly loyal to their captain despite their internal scuffles. Outsiders like X Drake were left to chose a side, and Drake chose Luffy because part of his reason is to be on the winning side. On the other hand, All-Stars like Jack is ready to die for his captain when the two mink lords attack in their monstrous Sulong forms. There is a lot unclear in this saga, and the future chapters will unravel much more spirit and competition involved in this battle.

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