Girlfriend Chor – Why Friend Zoning Hurts?

Nowadays, most series are binged watched by teenagers, and more or less, the creators have to give importance to what is actually in demand. Coming to teen generation, they mainly like the tincture of love and the complex equation of being friend-zoned. I guess every other guy relates it to his own story somewhere. With this thought, Girish Jotwani and Ankur Khatri had the idea to develop “Girlfriend Chor.” This series was released on 17 April 2020 on MX Player, and the best of the show is that it is available for free, while being a great story.

Storyline – Boyfriend or Friend-zoned?

Girlfriend Chor’s story is led by Aakash, played by Mayur More, who has earned a big name with another show, “Kota Factory.” This is a story from a college boy’s point of view who likes a girl in his hearts but hesitates to tell, thinking that he might lose her as a friend too. Consequently, he faces that “friend-zone” tag, which he hates from the bottom of his heart.

Aakash is blessed with loving parents who find out that he is lost somewhere and help him confess the love to his friend. The audience remains on edge, thinking that he would get scolded by the parents, but instead, they help Aakash out with an effective way to get rid of his present boyfriend and ponce into the empty place left afterward.

A glimpse from Girlfriend Chor

As the story moves on, the love triangle becomes a square; Aakash finds out about a girl interested in the boyfriend of his crush. Aakash gets the perfect opportunity to eliminate; everything looked perfect, and then comes the final twist. After many plans with the new girl for their friend’s breakup, he falls in love. He never realizes, and when the breakup happens, and Aakash gets clear to signal to go to his old love, something pulls him back the new girl. However, it is too late now. She goes to her old love. Once again, Aakash is left alone and friend-zoned.

Should you watch it?

I would be saying YES. The way emotions are portrayed by a committed girl and a single boy, Aakash, is a boom. The show engages the audience with its eye-catching storyline and never lets you get bored. And, of course, you will know the pain of being friend-zoned with the person whom you admire, the pure crush.

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