How Netflix’s “Betaal” Was Not Upto The Mark

Betaal collected a lot of buzz before its release as it was from the production house of a well-named and famed Indian actor – Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone’s expectations got up, and people were eagerly waiting for the show to boom. Seeing a green light, the show’s creators also promoted it at every possible stage. But did it match up with the expectation of the people?

Starring Vineet Kumar Singh as the lead actor, Red Chillies Entertainment made the whole show reloving around horror. However, the fact remains that Hollywood Horror level is far beyond Indian Imagination and portraying it on the screen remains challenging to date.

A Still Scene from Betaal

A Cliche Plot!

From the starting of the show, it is shown that an army troop is sent to a village-based for research and development work in a rural area, among which a corrupt officer is also present who did bombard on personal behalf to terrorize the troop.

Local people mention that a spirit is present in the area from British Colennel Time and not to break a particular temple even if the development of the site is essential. However, the troops ignored the warning, and to prove that there is nothing like that, they go inside the temple, and from this point, the story starts.

Not going into the story very deep, but the theme of Betaal was that the spirit enters anyone’s body who so ever touches betaal. Leading in the name of innocence, Betaal, with his zombie community, attacks every person who is alive and starts biting them; after some time, the bite causes a fungal infection that grows with time, causing the people to die and turning into a zombie. This becomes more intense at the end as only Vikram can save human life from that evil but seems impossible as Betaal has grown his power till now as hell.

Whether you should watch or not?

Going by trailer, some freaky costumes and makeup was used for the zombies, and it felt like something new is being served. But as the movie released, the public didn’t look happy.

At many points in the show, the suspense part felt missing. Also, the storyline tried the zombie storyline, which is a good concept, but again, the zombies acting all with makeup and everything was a bit off, and it gave the appearance that fake people were put in place of zombies. Overall, please don’t go by its big name as it claims and prefer something better. You may regret it afterward.

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