One Piece Episode 945 Preview: Queen vs Big Mom

In the history of clashes between powerful pirates, One Piece anime just featured one of the craziest ones ever. Queen is the All-Star of Beast Pirates, one of the strongest subordinates of Kaido. He has the most influence among the crew, but he turned out to be another hot-head. Big Mom lost her memory when she fell into the sea and ended up at one of the shores of Wano. Chopper found her and decided to use the memory loss as an advantage. He led her to the prison where Luffy is held by promising her the red bean soup.

Big Mom had no problem infiltrating the huge prison destroying everything in her path, and ended up at the main square. You know how Big Mom can be when she is hungry. Big Mom and Queen face-off against each other, where Queen gets angry on her for asking Red Bean Soup, his favorite dish. Queen doesn’t realize that Big Mom has lost her memory. He activates his devil fruit, turning into the long neck dinosaur, Brachiosaurus, asking Big Mom to leave as she won’t get any soup here. He didn’t realize that he is denying food to Big Mom, who destroys whole islands for her hunger cravings. Big Mom charges and punches Queen to the ground despite his giant Stature.

One Piece Episode 945 is scheduled to release on 11 October 2020 and stream at Crunchyroll moments after the television release. In the preview for the upcoming episode, it was revealed that Big Mom would beat Queen swiftly and jump to find the soup. Luffy will reveal that he drank it all the night before with his usual honesty, and Big Mom will direct her anger on Luffy now. Luffy was as terrified as the rest of the people when the Emperor suddenly showed up at the prison. He cannot avoid getting thrown out of the ring now, but everything will be thrown off when Big Mom attacks.

Her attacks will lead to shattering the drowning Kid and Killer and rescuing them just in time. Luffy will have to destroy the neck shackles desperately, but he will succeed in destroying them in time. Nevertheless, Big Mom is a threat to everyone now. She has no memory and will not be calmed down until she is given the soup when someone like Queen cannot keep up with Big Mom; who else will stop her at this point. Luffy will not engage Big Mom in a serious fight here because he will not get the chance here. I am sure Queen will get right up looking for more fight with Big Mom.

In a separate subplot, Kinemon finally convinced Ashura to join him and the other Samurai in the battle against Kaido. Kinemon reveals that they will attack the emperor on the night of the Fire Festival, and Ashura will be a great help in this cause. Ashura shows the same desperation, the same pain that he had to bear for the last twenty years since Oden was taken down. It is another ally added to the force of Samurai, and the attack is still on thanks to the sacrifice of Yasuie at this stage.

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