Song Exploder: The Raw Story of Music

For all of the web series and movie lovers out there, the wait is over as many all-new series landed on Netflix in the first week of October, featuring many different themes and plots from all around the world to have a bit of taste from everywhere. Everyone is quite familiar with the genre of horror, comedy, and tragedy, and you must have watched several shows for these genres, but here is something new to explore. Here is a new series currently airing on Netflix about “Music.”

Hrishikesh Hirway is known as one of the world’s best music podcaster nowadays. Featuring the universe of composers and their struggle to make something unique, this podcast, which initially started from his bedroom, has now grown him into a big name. The premise is brilliantly simple, an artist deconstructs his songs and recreates how each of his songs is made. Summing these stories into a movie with many parts would take too long. Hence, the creators have tried to concise it into a series with small peanuts of episodes that don’t span more than half an hour. Since this is the first season, so they wanted to know the audience’s reaction and what improvement could be made in later seasons.

Hrishikesh Hirway

The series weaves together the in-depth interviews, archival footage, raw recordings, and many trails, before the finishing touch holding every hinge. Each artist breaks down their song, fragment by fragment, sharing intimate insight into the personal inspiration behind the story of beats, music, and lyrics. Picking up some best musicians from the world around and putting it into one platform, the theme behind this show pops out distantly.

  • Episode One: Alicia Keys feat. Sampha – ‘3 Hour Drive’
  • Episode Two: R.E.M. – ‘Losing My Religion’
  • Episode Three: Ty Dollar $ign – ‘L.A.’
  • Episode Four: Lin-Manuel Miranda – ‘Wait For It’

About ‘Song Exploder’ Podcast

For those who are not familiar with Song Exploder, a typical podcast episode starts with a featured musician (or a group of musicians) that talk about their hit song. The host and his guest reveal the inspiration for the music and the journey behind the song’s production to the audience. This podcast started back in 2014, and a total of 177 episodes have been made to date.

This trailer got aired back on 17 September 2020. It starts with tunes and beats switching the composer within just a frame of the second, revealing the motto behind the creation of the song and how close they are. For them, their passion holds so much value that they go crazy about it. Attending award functions and doing concerts are the very latter part of becoming famous, but this show tells the main struggle, which starts much before. Song Exploder is already out on Netflix on 2 October 2020, and of course, it is a binge-watch with only four episodes.

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