CYBERPUNK 2077: New Release Date and Preview

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming role-playing, open-world game set in the future, gathering large attention from the public. It is developed by CD Projekt, a Polish game developing company that has already developed many hit games with storyline connections like the Witcher and Saints Row series. This is adapted from the Cyberpunk franchise taking you to six different regions in the wide map.

When Cyberpunk’s trailer was released at the Xbox E3 conference 2019, the graphic and the action-packed preview grasped the public’s attention. The main highlight of the trailer is the inclusion of one of the legends of Hollywood, with large respect all over the world “Keanu Reeves” who did the series, John Wick. He also gave a stage performance about the movie that caused inner hysteria in public. Keanu and Cyberpunk caused major waves in the gaming community after this event.

The trailer starts with a setting that automatically depicted that the game is set up in the future. The main character, “V” of the game, visits an underworld dealer who wanted ‘the chip’ in exchange for money. V is sent to the washroom to freshen up after the job. He remembers when he and his friend got the chip for the underworld dealer, but his friend dies due to a bullet shot in his body. After he gets out of the washroom, he gets overwhelmed by the underworld dealer. The dealer tries to sabotage the chip, but V manages to get out of there after a crazy confrontation.

In a separate shot, he finds himself in a garbage dump, just gaining conscious, he is approached by a man saying, “wake up samurai, we have got a city to burn.” This man is the game version of Keanu Reeves. This was the moment when the public got shocked and excited. I strongly recommend watching the trailer. From the initial trailer, it was apparent that the game features amazing graphics and eye-catching visuals to depict a world set in the year 2077 truly.

This game was to be released on 16 April 2020, but due to coronavirus, the release date was delayed until the studio announced a few days ago that the new release date is 19th November 2020. Cyberpunk is supported by platforms like Windows, Xbox One, Play Station 4, and the upcoming Play Station 5 and Xbox X series in 2021. CyberPunk 2077 is already taking pre-orders. The people thinking of buying the new Play Station 5 or Xbox X should try this game when CD Projekt release it for them. The public is expecting a lot from this game due to its action-packed and exceptional trailer. The game is excepted to have high-end graphics and a good storyline based upon the previous history of CD Projekt. This game has high leverage to win the game of the year award.

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