The Boys Season 2 Finale Spoilers: A Worthy Closure

Amazon Prime hit show, The Boys, released the final episode for its second season. There were many speculations about this last episode as it was continuing from a mind-blowing point of the story, literally. During a congress hearing for the validity of Compound V, some high profile people lost their lives as their heads exploded on live television. This invoked a direct order from President to use the Compound V on law enforcement personnel as the threat of supes is completely out of control. With this, any hopes of getting a bad word against Vought become slim as people are scared now. On top of that, Victoria Newman is the supe that was involved in the head explosions. Thankfully, It is an ability that needs close contact with the victim but she could literally kill anyone in seconds. 

Consequently, The Boys want to take the law into their own hands and murder all the superheroes. It seemed like there are no good guys in this story at that point. But Hughie and Starlight are not convinced. Starlight goes to Queen Maeve for help as she is also rebellious against Vought to get her to testify against them. But that move doesn’t work either. They are running out of ways to expose Vought, but then Rebecca arrives into the plot. She lost her son, which allowed Butcher to mess with Vought in a major way. 

As further events take place, Stormfront turns into the villain for this season. She was introduced as the replacement for Translucent in the first episode, and we learned that she is over a hundred years old and holds deep resentment against other races due to her Nazi origins. She had done some questionable things throughout her appearance this season, and now when her secret was leaked into the public, she came up against ‘The Boys’ crew.

At the end of the episode, when Stormfront is about to kill Rebecca, and her son Ryan is watching her struggle to the death, he lets out the rage and uses his laser vision to roast Stormfront on the spot. The impact also hit Rebecca, and she also dies on the spot. Homelander is confused at the end, his son refused to go with him and chose Butcher, his love, Stormfront is dead due to his own son and Vought sabotaged him. He does nothing in the end and lets Ryan leave with Butcher. Homelander lost another beloved one in front of him when Butcher is involved and lets him live again. 

Butcher’s struggle was for his wife Rebecca, who died in the struggle for her son. Homelander is still working, but he is in no position to do anything. Queen Maeve and Starlight got back into The Seven. Vought is halting the production of their compound V for a while. The rest of the boys get to go home after this. Vought still has a lot of bad secrets, and they won’t let them get out. For Edgar, the superheroes are business. If they retain a good impression in public, the stocks are up, and Vought is happy. They have their secret weapon in the government as well. Butcher is offered a position in the new Supe regularity authority, and he might be seen in action as a government agent in the upcoming season for The Boys. A whole new storyline will be adapted as the prologue is over. 

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