Vampires Vs. the Bronx – Everything You Need to Know

Among the latest content released by Netflix this month, one movie is Vampires vs. the Bronx, which was released on 2nd October 2020, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. This is a horror-comedy that involves vampires as the primary supernatural beings. These vampires are angry that the human interfered in their territory, and hence they are attacking everyone in sight. It is written by Osmany Rodriguez and Blaise Hemingway while Osmany Rodriguez was the director. Vampires vs. the Bronx made its bold release this week featuring:

  • Jaden Michael as Miguel Martinez
  • Gerald W. Jones III as Bobby Carter
  • Gregory Diaz IV as Luis Acosta
  • Sarah Gadon as Vivian
  • Cliff “Method Man” Smithas Father Jackson
  • Shea Whigham as Frank Polidor

The main character is Miguel, an active and helpful kid in the neighborhood. His friends were surprised when Miguel came to them to tell that he has witnessed a Vampire in the community. They are attacking people in the area at night and drink their blood. Those people go missing afterward. There are a total of 4 vampires that haunt this place, and Miguel and his friends are left with no choice but to defend against them. Most people don’t believe these kids, and they are left with mediocre and pop-culture tools to protect against these powerful beings.

People’s Reaction to “ Vampires vs. the Bronx”

A considerable amount of reviews have come, and most people are not sure about the movie. This is essentially a kids movie made with lighter content in mind, and most adults will be unimpressed. The current IMDB rating is average at 5.2, with only about 3000 reactions. This means that the movie is not popular despite being released for a week now. The kids involved in this plot are a lot weaker as compared to the Vampires involved. None of the adults believe them despite the missing people everywhere. They are forced into a situation where there is next to no chance of winning. Still, they end up coming on top. This is a cliche plot that can only attract a limited amount of audience.

Aside from that, the cinematography is spot on for the movie. The screenplay is done by a prominent artist, and the comedy lines are on the point most of the time. If you are into the goofy and comedic style of movies, you will find it enjoyable. The horror for this movie is off, and you will find a clear pattern of cliche related to vampires. There is a courthouse up for sale, and it is turning into apartments. Some vampires were living inside the abandoned courthouse, and they are terrorizing the neighborhood to save their house. How many times have we seen such a plot? Just this time, it is funny.

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