Over the Moon: The Enchanting Children’s Movie

Over the Moon is one of the newest productions of Netflix Animations along with other studios. It is a children’s movie based on Chinese popular culture about a goddess that lives on the moon. The movie was ordered by Pearl studios in 2017, and Audrey Wells was hired to do the script for a brand new musical. Glen Keane was directing the movie in 2018 when Audrey died at that time. Her script was kept intact, and Sony Pictures Imageworks did the animation to get the film ready for 2020. Netflix further delayed the movie due to the cinema halt as the pandemic hit the world. Over the Moon was finally released on September 23, 2020, on a few theater screens and Netflix. The movie is also set for screening at the Montclair Film Festival next month.

This film is about a young child who is fascinated by the Moon Lady. Fei Fei has heard the story from her parent that this woman flew to the moon after she accidentally drank a magical potion. She waits on the moon for her lover that she left behind on earth. Fei Fei is always thinking about the life of this woman on the moon. How does she spend her time all alone for such a long time? The people around trying to convince her that it is only a fairy tale, but she is very eager to meet the lady. This Moon lady is inspired by the Chinese goddess Chang’e. 

After being told off by everyone, Fei Fei decides to build the rocket herself and fly to the moon lady herself. She designs and builds a rocket and suit that would use fireworks to take her and her rabbit to the moon. She is knowledgeable for her age to develop something like this in her backyard. At last, the day comes for her to leave as the space rocket is ready, and she flies off. Unfortunately, her rocket fails to reach the moon. But as it is falling, something magical happens, and the rocket is pulled up into the sky on its own. Fei Fei reaches the moon lady and fulfills her dream to meet her. The moon lady lives in a beautiful, magical land that Fei Fei has never seen before. It’s truly amazing for her. 

Here is one of the official trailers for the movie;

Most of the cast for this film is Asian, with notable names like Cathy Ang, Philipa Soo, and Ken Jeong. They fit the theme of the movie perfectly, and most people loved the voice work of the movie. Many songs take over during important scenes as the movie is made as a musical, and they worked with the overall storyline of the movie. It was an adventure that moves a relatively straightforward plot, so you are expected to sit back and watch the events unfold. The joyful style of music matches the brilliant visual done by the animation team. Audrey Wells succeeded in delivering a catchy storyline, and it is the legacy she leaves behind.

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