Netflix’s Serious Men Release Date and Plot Details

Serious Men made its premiere on Netflix on 2 October 2020. A very well crafted story under the direction of Sudhir Mishra made a compact movie of nearly 2 hours. Its inspiration came from Manu Joseph’s novel, where the difference between the upper and lower class was evident. It wants to reflect on the injustice that exists between the people of class. The movie’s main protagonist is a small boy of age 9 or 10 years, while Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of a child’s father. Nawaz gets the most attention from the audience since he has become popular with movies like “ Gangs Of Wassepur” and other amazing work. Although he has done many series now, he is still the desired actor for the big screen.

Diving into the movie, Nawaz plays the role of a man from Madrasi’s lower caste family, Ayyan Mani, that works as an assistant to an astronomer. Despite the job, he lives in a slum. In a reasonable comparison, he makes the analogy that in the current world of ‘4G’ (fourth generation), he and his wife are still ‘2G’ while their child in ‘3G’. He says his child cannot compete with today’s world as the demand for the latest ‘4G’ remains on top. Nevertheless, he promises himself to support his son in every possible capacity and provide him with the best education.

Cutting to the main plot, his child grows up and gets rejected by a prestigious school because he is not meritorious as required. At this point, Ayyan teaches Aadi some scientific things to represent him as a genius. When Aadi tells things that are not understood by normal people, his popularity grows. He even outsmarts his teacher by telling him about photosynthesis, which is way out of his syllabus, and the teacher leaves the class with frustration. This little boy who lives in a slum becomes a genius in the eyes of people. Media covers some of his interviews, and he gets into an exam back into the school, and he passes it with distinction. The training that his father planned worked, and fame keeps growing. However, Aadi is only pretending to be smart by memorizing scientific terms, and the secret could be out anytime. At some point in the plot, even politics get involved, and things get really frustrating for Ayyan.

Ayyan came out with this story in frustration, and the kid doesn’t have the capacity to handle this much pressure. The attention from everywhere got to an incredible level, and it could ruin everything if someone figures it out. What happens at the end? Did everyone learn the truth, or Nawaz’s character handle the whole thing after all? To know that, you need to watch it out yourself. One thing is for sure that story will keep you engaged at every point.

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